TODAY   |  August 01, 2013

Weiner deflects Huma questions at town hall

At a town hall meeting in Queens Wednesday night, the NYC mayoral candidate refused to answer questions about whether his wife Huma Abedin would be appearing in his campaign again. NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports.

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>>> now to embattled new york city mayoral candidate anthony weiner . new signs of trouble for his campaign. kristen dahlgren joins us with the latest developments on this. kristen, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. after his very public sexting scandal and this week's profanity-laced tirade from his campaign manager . neither she nor his wife huma abedin was with anthony weiner , and he wouldn't tell us when they'd be back. almost everywhere he goes, anthony weiner is greeted by a crush of cameras. wednesday night in queens, the candidate wasn't up for questions.

>> see if i can talk to you afterwards.

>> reporter: during the town hall meeting , he couldn't ignore questions from citizens, some about hurricane sandy recovery in the hard hit area. then this.

>> how can i trust you with my family and my community when you can't be trusted in your own family?

>> that's a fair question. i mean, i don't -- it's a fair question. i'm embarrassed by it. i've dishonored my wife. but, sir, i didn't do anything to you.

>> reporter: for weiner now, questions about his sexting and the toll it's taking on his campaign are unavoidable. he's learned to handle them with humor.

>> you probably know more about me than any candidate running, for better or for worse, much worse for me.

>> reporter: it's the same tactic used by weiner communications director barbara morgan after issuing an official apology for a profanity-laced tirade about a former intern. wednesday, morgan tweeted, "not my best day. should have known better." and posted this picture of a swear jar. noticeably absent is weiner 's wife huma abedin . nbc news has confirmed abedin is now taking an extended vacation from her very public job as hillary clinton 's top aide.

>> several people said that she had been planning this for a while. huma abedin 's future remains very much open question in terms of the role she plays in her husband's campaign. we may still see her, but i don't think there will be much.

>> there's no indication at all she's being pushed out by the clintons. political analysts say she will be back at clinton's side in the future. weiner said, if you want to be new york mayor, you have to be able to stand the heat. that's something he's getting a lot of lately.