TODAY   |  August 01, 2013

Report: Alex Rodriguez offered a deal to avoid ban

According to reports, Major League Baseball has given Alex Rodriguez a choice: strike a deal for a long suspension that could extend until he’s nearly 40 or be banned for life. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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>>> we have new information this morning on the steroid scandal and possible punishment facing yankees slugger alex rodriguez . ron mott is on the scene at yankee stadium .

>> reporter: a lot of folks wondering whether alex rodriguez has played his last game here at yankee stadium as major league baseball is reportedly ready to bring the hammer down on him tomorrow in the form of a possible lifetime ban. nbc sports is reporting that major league baseball has given alex rodriguez a choice. strike a deal for a long suspension that could extend until he's nearly 40, or major league baseball will move to ban him for life.

>> he's coming off two hip surgeries at 40 years old, i mean, everybody -- the general sense is that it would be a very good time to retire, take the ban and go.

>> reporter: a-rod's lawyers have vowed to appeal any suspension, but if there's no deal and commissioner bud selig bans rodriguez for life, the punishment that kept all-time hits leader pete rose out of the hall of fame for gambling, a-rod's ability to appeal would be limited. "the new york daily news" reports that baseball's investigation has turned up e-mails, text messages, and more, even evidence that rodriguez interfered with the investigation. in a new " sports illustrated " cover story, rodriguez said, "i'm not giving up. i have tremendous faith, and hopefully there's a couple more chapters to this book. and hopefully there's a happy ending somewhere. i have faith." but at age 38, having admitted using steroids in the past and now the prospect of a lengthy suspension at best, speculation grows about whether he'll wear yankee pin stripes or any other team's uniform, for that matter, ever again. alex rodriguez has made more than $350 million throughout his career. he stands to lose a substantial amount of money going forward, savannah.

>> ron mott, yankee stadium , thank you very much.

>> it will be interesting to hear what happens over the next couple of days because, while you're hearing for the lawyers for a-rod who plans to appeal this, i've spoken to people close to his campaign saying it's more than an appeal, they are ready to wage full scale war against major league baseball and perhaps even the new york yankees. we have heard far from the last of this.

>> it may not be a quick resolution at all.