TODAY   |  July 31, 2013

KLG, Hoda square off in PB&J showdown

James Oseland , a judge on the Bravo show “Top Chef Masters,” challenges Kathie Lee and Hoda to a peanut-butter-and jelly-showdown to see who can make the best sandwich in less than one minute. (KLG’s neat little sandwich won, no surprise!)

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>>> it's time for "today" kitchen, what's cooking, and what's cooking today is a kitchen competition. top chef masters is under way and yours truly makes a cameo in tonight's episode.

>> can't wait. the chefs were asked to put an asian twist on an american classic using whatever ingredients they wanted and judge james osland got kathie lee to taste something she'd never bite into. take a look.

>> nobody's business.

>> i love this dish. totally crisp fried shrimp head and then he has this gently poached shrimp body. see, it's delicious, right?

>> the texture's unusual, got to be honest.

>> i saw it.

>> i didn't swallow it.

>> you ate it.

>> how did it taste?

>> nice to see you again.

>> how did it taste?

>> not good. you have to be open in life, right? you got to be open to new experiences and new tastes.

>> would you like to try it again?

>> no, it's sitting here, though. hoda should try it.

>> you should try it, too.

>> they are fried?

>> i'll take the end.

>> where's the head?

>> not the head end , sort of the neck end.

>> it's delicious.

>> there's something mushy in there. can you pass me a napkin?

>> wow, foul!

>> no, no, delicious, delicious!

>> nasty! nasty stuff.

>> every day you should try something new.

>> let's make peanut butter sandwiches.

>> peanut butter sandwiches happen to be one of my favorite things. i want to put you to the test. i will judge you on your peanut butter sandwiches. go wild.

>> i'm going to judge you on that suit.

>> you might need the safety protector, exactly.

>> what are we doing?

>> you are going to make the most fabulous twist on a peanut butter jelly sandwich . twist, be creative.

>> i like a lot of peanut butter .

>> i like natural.

>> peanut butter and jelly .

>> how much time do we have? we only have a minute.

>> you have about a minute.

>> not going to be too pretty.

>> goo crazy, be creative.

>> you go crazy.

>> 30 seconds.

>> maybe don't put the shrimp head on.

>> a little bit of this.

>> one of the great things about peanut butter and jelly -- you're really having issues with --

>> that would be, like --

>> i love nutella. i'd eat nutella on anything.

>> little bit of strawberries.

>> wow.

>> four, three, two --

>> wow, okay. hands up.

>> hey, hey! you have to judge.

>> last minute sprinkles over there.

>> 30 seconds, you have to take a quick bite.

>> swallow.

>> okay, you have ten seconds.

>> you know you loved it.

>> that one. that one there. delicious.

>> kathie!

>> delicious. totally delicious. seriously, it's beautiful, too.