TODAY   |  July 31, 2013

10 fabulous fanny-back alternatives

KLG was photographed wearing a less-than-fashionable fanny pack while on a walk in Los Angeles, so TODAY contributor Jill Martin shows her and Hoda some modern and trendy alternatives.

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>>> all right. you may recall earlier this week kathie lee was brave enough -- no, you were brave enough.

>> proud enough!

>> brave to show up --

>> shorts i'm embarrassed by.

>> this is a photo of her fanny pack outside of regis's old house when she ambushed this old guy who lived there. anyway, there was lots of reaction about the fanny pack . some people said they wouldn't be caught dead.

>> bye-bye.

>> wrote, she's a class act, even with a fanny pack .

>> that's right. i'm not the only one. you know what, they make great sense. there are people who like them, that's some of us, but if you don't, "today" contributing editor for people style watch and author jill martin has alternatives to carry your stuff.

>> okay. first of all, i'm a huge fan of the fanny pack . my mother's afraid of pickpocketers, so i went to italy, too, i always have everything here. there's a picture, how happy i look.

>> i have that one, too.

>> this is hands free , under $20 from american eagle , and this one i had from when i was in high school , $5 at a flea market . i always believed in them and continue to. there are doubters out there. this is from lulu lemon , for you, actually.

>> quite the fanny.

>> this is like a satchel.

>> larger person than hoda woman?

>> and you can wear it all different ways, as a cross body, in the back, but look how great that is.

>> would i wear this?

>> as you're working out. it's stuffed with bubbles, it goes flatter. that's great for your working out.

>> now we've got it.

>> another alternative starting at $15 on etsy, this really defines the fanny pack , because it's flat. i'm wearing a double if you can see here.

>> that's adorable! wearing it back there you're susceptible to pickpocket.

>> my mother always says that. it holds everything. that actually felt good. then on, they have all of these very fancy --

>> kate spade .

>> -- getting racy, holds your ipad and all things that can go across the body.

>> they are across the chest.

>> but you're still hands free .

>> very cute.

>> under $100 on and you get designer ones.

>> you can't run in that.

>> so far i haven't found anything i like better than my fanny pack . this is a detachable cross-body purse. $99, real leather, then you open it into the wallet, you can hold everything.

>> it's like a little purse, okay.

>> these are big with teens, i think cassidy would like that.

>> no.

>> mochila is backpack in spanish starting at $50. these are cross body, as well, huge with the teens.

>> won't be a teen after friday, jill.

>> i can't believe she's turning 20.

>> totally losing it.

>> vera bradley is huge also and look, our grace is modeling it right now. so a cross body. they have all different ones, backpacks, little ones you can wear on your wrists.

>> can we give her that one for her 16th birthday, please?

>> or whatever she wants.

>> or whatever else she wants.

>> grace's day. these are adorable!

>> this i thought you'd like, in it is your lip gloss.

>> i should get an iphone because of this purse.

>> i think i'm going to, my flintstone is dying. i have to bury it in the backyard.

>> this is good. this is, if you have headphones, it has a headphone.

>> that's crazy.

>> this can be a backpack.

>> that's cute.

>> just to end it here, brooke's running, these are water proof , if you're work out, keys, water proof , zipper. men, too, if you want your man to be --

>> stop it, jerry!

>> this is what's going on back here.

>> what's going on up here?

>> pick my pocket.

>> look at all this money, you're a moneybags.

>> oh!