TODAY   |  July 31, 2013

Funny photo: Tiny tot’s tongue ‘stuck’ on window

TODAY’s Sara Haines digs up a bunch of crazy photos you sent us, such as a baby licking a window, a dog who kicked his owner off the couch, and an unusual sign promoting gas.

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>>> make my butt look big?

>> i would have said, don't worry, i'll hold it in until my mama gets here.

>> that's awesome.

>> so our next photo from florida, i call top bunk!

>> that is so cute.

>> scooby doo towel.

>> people love their animals. really precious.

>> that's like hoda and blake.

>> kind of.

>> small horse.

>> our second photo is from brandi crocket fromfare banks, alaska. my mom always told me to stay away from yellow snow .

>> who knew there was a yellowsnow road?

>> that's great information.

>> we have a photo from megan of urbandale, iowa. that's not exactly what i meant when i said clean the glass.

>> that is so cute.

>> seriously? finally, robin young from california, maryland. if you say in order to fill the tank i need to pull your finger -- fill the car with -- and open the door to the universe.

>>> we have an important reminder, you have until tomorrow to get your entries in for our college counterpart. go to