TODAY   |  July 31, 2013

Paula Patton: Why I went topless in ‘2 Guns’

Actress Paula Patton plays a tough DEA agent who loves competition and fighting in the new film “2 Guns.” She tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that she learned a lot working with co-star Denzel Washington, and the ladies poke fun at her for going topless in the film.

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>>> offscreen she's singer robin thicke 's leading lady but in the upcoming comedy "two guns," paula pathton blurs the lines.

>> paula plays deb breeze, who handles denzel washington 's character.

>> she sure does.

>> she's not afraid to take on his partner in crime played by mark wahlberg . take a look.

>> it's my intent to cooperate with whatever you need. as an american, i know you're just doing your job. sometimes innocent folks like me get caught up in the system.

>> come on, you want to play games?

>> what did you have in mind?

>> all right. we're done here. thank you.

>> you're going to leave?

>> oh, yes.

>> what a vixen.

>> don't be fooled by any of those people. this movie takes more turns and more twists.

>> true.

>> and you are not all you're cracked up to be either, missy.

>> i'm not. i'm not. i'm good and bad.

>> like most people.

>> absolutely.

>> whose love interest are you, denzel 's or mark's? besides robin's.

>> this is inmate believe world, denzel .

>> yes. was it fun playing with these guys, because they have great chemistry.

>> they have great chemistry and it was so much fun.

>> you've been with denzel before.

>> honor he wanted me back. there you go.

>> i am just off the charts today.

>> you are.

>> it was. you can see i had only done one other movie when i worked with denzel before and i learned everything from him.

>> he's a master.

>> he's one of the best actors of our time. he really is. i just learned everything from him, so it was great to be back.

>> tell us about --

>> the thing is, it was my own decision. some of my pete peeves in movies when you see women in bed with their bra on, i don't know about you two --

>> i need one.

>> in bed?

>> these things could hurt somebody.

>> after you --

>> if he takes those pants off, maybe it will happen.

>> hate those pants rolled up like that. stop it.

>> unrolled pants.

>> you are not shy at all about doing that.

>> a little. i had never been naked in a movie before, but i just said --

>> you're not totally naked.

>> i have baby panties on, yeah. you know what, i don't think nudity is really a big deal . i love foreign films.

>> i thought your breasts were very perky for a woman who just had a child.

>> there's the honest truth, once i finished breast feeding , my mom's like don't take that bra off ever. mom, thank you.

>> for work and they are paying you a lot of money.

>> only for like an hour a day. i wore a bra -- i wore one size too small bra for, like, two years. it helps, ladies that are pregnant out there.

>> stops them from sagging.

>> you tease them to come back.

>> muscle memory, hoda.

>> hardly any muscle in there. what is your husband think of that scene, did he care?

>> i called him the night before. that's the right thing to do. you know, just doesn't feel natural, what do you think? he's like go for it, babe.

>> denzel is a pro, too. not his first rodeo.

>> he didn't know i was going to do it, neither did the director. the day of i'm like i'm not going to be wearing a bra. hold on -- excuse me? denzel was like i'm not going to wear a top either then. okay, let's go.

>> speaking of not wearing tops, in one of robin thicke 's videos, "blurred lines," everybody's naked.

>> his came out first.

>> did he check with you on that?

>> he actually did. he was actually quite nervous about it. and i watched it, i said it's beautiful, i love it. you go to a museum, any museum.

>> most of the art is naked.

>> naked women . we're pretty.

>> why do you think there are lines outside the louvre?