TODAY   |  July 31, 2013

Hoda: Why does my dog Blake go crazy at night?

TODAY’s Hoda Kotb shows Kathie Lee video of her dog Blake running around her apartment like crazy. He does it every night around 7 p.m. and the ladies try to figure out if it’s “witching” hour for dogs, since other owners seem to experience the same thing.

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>>> hey, it's wines day wednesday, the last day of july, but there's good news.

>> great news.

>> you can slurp up your 16 ounces, baby, right here in new york.

>> remember, they banned these big ones , and now the state appeals court has struck down michael bloomberg 's law. they say the city health court has overstepped its authority in approving that law, so if you'd like to get one of these jumbos and suck it down, you are allowed.

>> yes, but more on the fact we have one month of august left and then labor day and then, you know what it is. so enjoy it.

>> all right. can i just point out that something weird happens to my dog at nighttime?

>> still in the crate?

>> i want to know if my dog's the only one that reacts like this.

>> what happened?

>> he's in the apartment, always happening around 7:00 or 7:30 at night. this is what happens in the apartment. let's roll my -- look, wait. forever. i didn't even get the whole thing. no! that's what he does. then he goes like this, hey. he runs like a crazy tasmanian devil dog.

>> happy hour.

>> i asked the lady in the lobby, i said my dog is totally hyper at 7:00.

>> he's been in a crate a lot of the day.

>> no, he hasn't, he has a trainer that comes, dog walkers, i come home, i walk him in the park. he gets lots of exercise, but only at 7:00. she said her dog does that, too.

>> the witching hour.

>> she said there's something weird. if your dog is crazy and you have a dog gone wild video, send it to us.

>> dogs gone wild.

>> we want to see it. put it on our facebook page. does that mean topless?

>> wait, by the way --

>> there's a sweet little girl celebrating her birthday out there.

>> do you know what t-shirt she's wearing? "scandalous"!

>> i want to meet that child. bring that girl in for her 16th birthday. i think that's her mom with her, too.

>> while we're waiting for her to come in and visit with us, jimmy fallon and everyone really is still on this weiner scandal.

>> nobody can get enough weiner . let's be honest. in a way, the people that want him to get out of the race really don't want him to. it's too good.

>> let's watch jimmy fallon .

>> you can't turn on the tv without some newscaster talking about weiner and it's actually kind of catchy. take a look.

>> anthony weiner .

>> anthony weiner .

>> weiner .

>> weiner .

>> weiner .

>> anthony weiner .

>> carlos danger.

>> carlos .

>> carlos .

>> danger.

>> anthony. carlos .

>> weiner .

>> weiner .

>> danger.

>> weiner !

>> i like the way he buttoned it.

>> i like it.

>> i know, i know.

>> if you're wondering about cindy leathers.

>> is that her real last name? it's her real last name? somebody check on that, please. research team, amanda, one person.

>> research team of one. anyway, sydney leathers spoke out on " inside edition " a little while ago and now she decided to go to the man himself, howard stern . you know how things are when howard stern is interviewing. let's listen to what she said of howard.

>> the guy never met you face-to-face. i've had more contact with you already. you had to say to yourself this guy is one sick puppy .

>> totally. especially after the last scandal happened. he had a lot of fantasies, loved heels, me in heels, was really into talking about shower sex to the point he'd have dreams about it.

>> you had an interview with a guy from vivid video . are you considering a porno?

>> i'm keeping my options open. we'll see what happens.

>> did you have regrets going forward?

>> no, no regrets. i'm just being a good american citizen .

>> good american -- good american citizen . that's what patetism has come to in our country.

>> i hadn't heard that.

>> never heard her speak.

>> oh, my gosh. we're talking about this even with anthony weiner , too, but there is something, and not just preachy or judge judy -ish, but there's a shame thing. it's not at all in the picture and i think it's weird for this girl because she's on the front page of "the post" and "the daily news" and she's in all the papers and on howard stern and " inside edition " and she is looking for that 15 minutes .

>> and we are extending it for her right now and so did howard, but here's the thing about it. how would you feel about having sex on camera, that's not going to be a stretch from what she's already done, you know what i'm saying? she's already been having sex on the phone with married man. it's just the old thing about somebody sat next to somebody at a dinner party and i don't have it right, but basically the woman -- he said something about the woman, what kind of woman do you think i am? we know what kind of woman you are, it's just a matter of price, you know? i'm not casting apersians, i think she's already revealed her character or lack of it in the past, so nothing should surprise us now.

>> sex tapes as we've learned through history can sometimes catapult somebody to stardom.

>> here's our question, what kind of role models -- look what's happening now with alex rodriguez , you know? these guys that are the sports heros, as well, breaks the rules, you know, cheating, it's the same kind of thing. if you're going to do that, what else would you do? the thing about anthony weiner , yes, we know he's got a psychological, pathological problem with his wang, he just does, but he lied to his wife, lied to the public, and now he's lied again. so how can you entrust he'll tell you --

>> your future to somebody who will not tell you the truth?

>> he'll tell you, he has a new campaign ad .

>> let's see it!

>> it might change my mind.

>> let's see.

>> there are newspaper editors and other politicians that say, boy, wish that guy weiner would quit. you don't know new york, you don't know me. quit isn't the way we roll in new york city . we fight through tough things.

>> well, smart people have been known to quit. i don't think there's any question he's smart. he's intelligent, but he's not very smart.

>> it's a little interesting, we were talking about this, if there's somebody in the back of the race, he's now in fourth, tripping, stumbling, bumbling.

>> nice lighting there.

>> he did. picture watching a high school track race and there's a guy in the back and he's not stopping no matter what. everyone's like it's over, you're in last.

>> part of you that says way to go, yeah.

>> it's a little weird.

>> people quit on their marriage over a hangnail. he's not quitting. but you got to wonder for the good of the country, the good of the city, and the good of his wife and child maybe it would be the best thing to do. do you want to make a bet now they'll stay together or not? what's your gut tell you?

>> my gut says no. my gut says no. i think it's hard enough to weather a storm in private. it's a whole different thing to weather it in public. i don't know how with everybody constantly coming at you 24/7, i don't know how you make it.

>> somebody said a long time ago, you blow it like that badly and first time you see your rabbi, your priest, your counselor, second time you see your lawyer. there's bad behavior, we're all capable of it. then there's chronic behavior. and if it's chronic and it's ultimately, you know -- i hope he gets the help he needs. i don't think being in gracy mansion is the help he needs.

>>> " vanity fair " picks its best dressed people.

>> did you make it.

>> neither of us again.

>> your bra strap shows all the time, hoda.

>> here are the women who were on " vanity fair '" best dress list. beyonce, charlize theron , brooke shields .

>> yeah.

>> always been classically beautiful.

>> and kate middleton , the dutchess of cambridge.

>> who might go down as the cutest pregnant woman ever. even when her little dress was flying high , when she wasn't doing it to end up on " inside edition ," it's just the wind, you know, it wasn't contrived. it wasn't to get a reality show , it was just because it was windy. and she was a lady about even that. that's what i miss, hoda. i miss ladies in this world. i miss gentlemen.

>> i know. well, justin timberlake 's a gentleman and he made the list for guys. also they did the fashionable couples, gisele and tom brady . that's really -- here's a fashion original. keith richards . they gave him that honor.

>> he rocks that bandanna. if you want more, go to to see the list. matt's been on it before. what did he do this year to get off it?

>> he's one of the best dressers ever.

>> frank was on there for years. they dumped his butt years ago. it's because of the gray track suit , i'm convinced. now he's got a new thing. i'm so upset about it. nobody looks better still at this age as frank gifford in his pair of jeans. if i come back one more day and i find those jeans rolled up in the cuffs, stop that.

>> is that what he does?

>> it's such a turnoff, frank! stop it, i call him farmer frank now. stop it! he doesn't want his pants to get wet.

>>> we have to thank train. they are a great, great musical group . they have a wine that is from the save me san francisco wine company.

>> i love that. san francisco wine company.

>> a collaboration between wine maker james foster an the rockband train. this is their soul sister pinot noir .

>> you're going to love that. $12 a bottle is fairly priced. that's delicious. some of the proceeds of the fairs go to family health, a nonprofit organization providing temporary housing for families with seriously ill children.