TODAY   |  July 31, 2013

Men think women should make the first move

The TODAY anchors chat about a recent article listing the 13 things men think about women but never say, including that “looks matter, but not that much” and that women should “make the first move.”

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>> women want to know what's going on inside guy's minds.

>> yes, we do. we're dying to know. there's not a lot going on.

>> no, that's true. but there are 13 things. the website thought revealed the 13 things men think about women but never say.

>> what are some of them.

>> for example, we would love you to order dessert. just go right ahead.

>> i'm good with that. i order it all the time.

>> that's why we love you.

>> good.

>> make the first move.

>> definitely. we are thinking that. do you know that we're thinking that.

>> yeah we know that.

>> or maybe it obvious that if we make the move that it's going to be well received. hand on the knee, something.

>> too much work.

>> too much work?

>> wow. hey, joe. an elegant dress trumps skimpy dress.

>> we're thinking that?

>> i think you think that but i think the guys that we know certainly think that way. i think there are some that do like --

>> girls think they have to get in the skimpy dress.

>> anthony weiner likes the skimpy dress.

>> we're trying to go weiner free for this half hour. know how to order a drink. that's interesting.

>> you do. you just order a big bottle of wine.

>> wine, more wine. be confident. looks matter but not that much. do you really believe that? looks matter but not that much.

>> i do. it's the totality of everything.

>> it's the total package.