TODAY   |  July 31, 2013

Natalie: We need to crack down on texting and driving

With reports indicating that the driver in the horrific train crash in Spain was on the phone when the train derailed, the TODAY anchors discuss how we can prevent people from using cellphones while driving. They also chat about other topics making headlines.

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>>> a great crowd enjoying a fantastic day. july 31st , 2013 . that's right. and the bird is the word .

>> yes.

>> there you go.

>> you were with us yesterday, we had a bird in our studio, he or she has been here most of the morning but now has made it's way to our dock and is this close.

>> that's closer to the freedom door so the bird can get back.

>> but it keeps flying by it and doesn't know to go out the door.

>> was the bird childrening during the news this morning?

>> well, during the 8:00 newscast the bird was in one of the lights and kept dropping dust on the table. i was trying to keep composed and it flew right over my head .

>> is it a little spar rrow. a little new york city brown bird.

>> any tweets going out?

>> lots of tweets going out. free bird .

>> they're going out.

>> the bird doesn't have a sense of humor but if you were stuck inside the studio all day you wouldn't either.

>> we have a live shot now. there's the birdie.

>> this is a smart bird because he or she knows to be right where the food is.

>> there's pizza back there.

>> oh yeah.

>> animal control is --

>> they're helping us out trying to free the bird. meanwhile, al roker getting some love from @vp. joe biden responded.

>> yesterday we were talking about how former vice president -- former senator hilary clinton and secretary of state clinton had lunch yesterday or the day before with the president and we mentioned she was having breakfast with joe biden .

>> you said sounded like a good idea for a show.

>> i thought it would be terrific. he would come in and cohost our 9:00 hour and you said breakfast with biden.

>> yeah.

>> well, take a look. this is what happened yesterday.

>> would the vice president come in and fill in on the 9:00? that would be spectacular.

>> change the name to breakfast with biden.

>> for the day.

>> just for the day.

>> we could do all three hours.

>> to have joe biden doing our today's take would be --

>> brilliant.

>> absolutely awesome.

>> yeah, cut me off. here he is, joe biden everybody. no.

>> almost.

>> but he did tweet. here's his tweet. keep the door open @ al roker . maybe hilary clinton and i can cohost.

>> hear a knock on the door.

>> the door is always open for the vice president.

>> what did you see when he tweeted that out.

>> at first i thought it was a joke but it was his official twitter. i said i'll make you my famous bacon waffles.

>> can you make that for us on friday.

>> i'm saving it for the vice president.

>> come on. you have to give us a preview.

>> the bacon in the beater, is that the trick?

>> i don't want to dpgive it away. it's the perfect transport system for bacon, butter and syrup.

>> i think the vice president has a little love for you. a little bromance. well, take a look. you were the only one that got the reaction from him.

>> i remember this.

>> that's it. yeah.

>> you know he wanted to give you a hug. he wasn't quite sure.

>> yes.

>>> that was the inauguration.

>> i'm done.

>> classic moment.

>> that was a great moment.

>> it was a good day. so we'd love to recreate that by bringing the vice president.

>> there is a little blake sheldon adam levine romance between you and the vice president.

>> he is the one with the tatto tattoos.

>> but he is fantastic and if you would like to bring hilary clinton that would be great also.

>> bacon waffles.

>> you will love the bacon waffles.

>> and the story that won't go away. anthony weiner , the new york mayor campaign apparently keeps hitting road bumps. weiner 's communications director launched into a tirade against a former intern that gave a behind the scene as count of the campaign to the new york daily news. can't tell you what she said to describe the intern because we would all be fired but she did apologize for the rant and said in a moment of frustration i used inappropriate --

>> moment. it went for minutes.

>> i used inappropriate language in what i thought was an off the record conversation. it was wrong and i'm sorry. but this is not stopping weiner from releasing his latest campaign video.

>> people tell me this campaign is pretty rough, you may want to quit. i know that there are newspaper editors and other politicians that say i wish that guy weiner would quit. they don't know new york and certainly don't know me. quit isn't the way we roll in new york city . we fight through tough things. we are a tough city. there are people all around new york city who get up in the morning with a pretty tough day ahead of them and they don't quit. but it's not about the campaign and not about the candidates and this isn't about me. it's about helping new yorkers.

>> that's how we roll. we don't quit.

>> it's not how we troll. like trolling the internet.

>> got it.

>> that's ridiculous. we've had great mayors, right?

>> some of them had their own scandals.

>> these are real leaders. separating private from public is one thing. we can overlook the private part if you're going --

>> i don't know if you want to use the phrase private part.

>> you smoke pot in college, no big deal , but carlos danger, this is ridiculous at this point.

>> how about kristen.

>> yeah, really funny from the broadway show wicked. she had a little parody of the popular song popular on jay leno 's show. take a look popular, the right kind of popular i'll teach you to zip your fly you won't be that guy with a camera down his pants i'll teach you what tweets to tweet, something clean and sweet we'll make sure you get your chance to be popular the right kind of popular they'll think you've become a monk those they've seen your junk, now you'll play a different show so let's start because you have an awfully long way to go long, well,

>> okay. campaign manager right there.

>> needs one.

>> yes, indeed.

>> okay. this is a disturbing story. according to court documents the driver of a spanish train that derailed killing 79 people was on the phone with the railroad company when the train flew off a tight curve going almost twice as fast as it should have been. according to the black box he was possibly looking at documents as well. train going 95 miles per hour.

>> that train company? who called who? he shouldn't have been on the phone.

>> it was their way to communicate with him.

>> it speaks to the larger issue of why we all seem to think that one phone call is so important.

>> or that text. when you hear that text come through you just kind of gravitate toward picking up the phone.

>> even if it's hands free .

>> even just yesterday there was an 8 month old child killed in a town not far from me in new jersey and the child was in a stroller and the driver slammed into several cars, two light polls and caused one light poll -- or it was a bus, rather, to hit the child and the mother was pushing the stroller there on the streets when this happened. just such a tragedy. but, again the sheriff said at that point we don't know if he was texting or talking. this distracted him and he lost control of that bus.

>> we're seeing more and more of these stories.

>> exactly.

>> what's the answer? what do you do? tougher laws?

>> there are a lot of laws. almost every state has a law against texting and driving right now.

>> how do you enforce it?

>> yeah.

>> how do you make cars when you get in the car it's cutting off the signal.

>> there's cars doing that too. we have done different stories on that. but until that is enforced nationwide. until there is more of a cracking down policy i don't think you'll see a lot of change.

>> you never think it will be you. i can do this real quick.

>> split second.

>> that's all it takes.

>> right. well, here's an interesting story. in an interview with glamour magazine in september, jennifer anniston is taking a look and offering advice she would give herself over the past decade. this is something we have thought about. what would you tell your younger self-. as a teenager she said don't try so hard. pay attention, do your homework. go to class. in her 20s she said not to fret so much. in her 30s go to therapy. clean up all the bleep, clean up the toxins and noise as well. understand who you are. educate yourself on the self and made us think what would we tell ourselves.

>> i would say all of the above.

>> enjoy life. live life in the morning.

>> what would you tell younger al.

>> put down the ring dings. they're not that good.

>> it's not worth it later in life.

>> what about you?

>> i think the whole idea -- it goes so fast. i remember older brothers and sisters saying it goes faster. you're 18, your 26, your 34. it really does go fast. so as cliche as it is, enjoy the ride because you spend when you're younger you spend so much time caring about the finish line and you look up and your 40 so enjoy it but i like to work hard and play hard. when you're at work work hard and focus on work but when you're with your friends or at a concert, take a vacation and have fun.

>> absolutely.

>> live in the moment. so living in the moment right