TODAY   |  July 31, 2013

Paula Patton talks bringing femininity to tough role

The actress talks about her new film, “2 Guns,” in which she stars alongside Hollywood heavyweights Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, describing her character as “raw and courageous” but with “a vulnerable side to her.”

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>>> we had so much fun with robin thicke on tuesday, he stopped by the plaza to perform his hit blurred lines. this morning we're catching up with his wife. she is a star in her own right along side denzel washington in the movie two guns. it brings a strong feminine flair to the boys club .

>> who is that? some mexican santa claus or something?

>> come on mr. stigman. i think it's in your best interest to cooperate. you stop playing the stupid card, all right?

>> paula patton is here this morning. we were just saying our outfits are kind of coordinated.

>> really. i'm the sun, you're the clouds. it's beautiful .

>> this is a great movie.

>> thank you.

>> you're one of the guys. you're a dea agent but you're hotter.

>> thank you.

>> how did you get the mix of toughness but the feminine flair as well?

>> i think it's important that you bring a woman to whatever character, no matter how tough and strong he is and she is a very strong broad and she is very courageous. however she also has a vulnerable side to her and she has a desperate need to be in love.

>> she has conflicting motives. there's a steamy sex scene in there with denzel.

>> yes.

>> a little bit topless.

>> yes.

>> this was your idea.

>> the sex scene was not my idea but, no, the conversation we have takes place after we have made love. i hope it's making love . i don't think it is for him. but i thought that is one of my pet peeves when you watch people in bed and they have their bra on in movies.

>> made up.

>> doesn't make any sense. i said it feels more natural for me that i would have no top on. so i called my husband the night before and i said what do you think and he said go for it. it's really cool that way and i surprised denzel and the director quite a bit and i was like i won't bewaring a top and they were like hold on a second.

>> you didn't get into many arguments did you?

>> no, i didn't.

>> did you have to warn your mom at the premiere.

>> i kept it a secret right before the premiere. she had had a glass of champagne and real quick mom, you're going to see my boobies a little bit.

>> she was okay with that?

>> yeah, this could be pay back, your husband robin thicke in blurred lines, that was a racy video.

>> i shot that before he did the video. maybe that was his pay back. but i think it's beautiful . i love his video.

>> some people thought all right is this crossing a line. what did you think of that criticism?

>> i thought it was ridiculous. i think that nudity is beautiful and the human body is beautiful . i think violence is vulgar. he was nervous about putting out the naked version. he showed me the clothed version and i said no it's beautiful . you go to the museums in paris all you see is naked women .

>> speaking of beautiful , you have a beautiful little boy .

>> thank you.

>> we saw you on fallon last night. he's so cute. he's a little performer. he is. justin bieber better watch out. he wants to be just like his daddy. so he said i'm -- oh, you got it.

>> yes, it's a sound check . [ inaudible ]

>> i think he's got it.

>> he really does. it's so funny the rhythm section changed and he followed it. it was incredible.

>> it does run in the family.

>> not with me but with his father, yes.

>> paula patton it's great to see you. you're a delight. "two guns" from our sister company universal pictures opens up on friday. great to see