TODAY   |  July 31, 2013

Vanity Fair releases 2013 best-dressed list

This year’s Vanity Fair best-dressed list includes Duchess Kate, Justin Timberlake, Kerry Washington and some newcomers like Keith Richards and Beyonce.

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>> here on "today," vanity fair 's international best dressed list . the magazine unveils the 74th annual poll of the world's most fashionable folks. this is your first look. we all picked our own favorite. al, we have someone in common.

>> i went with justin timberlake .

>> i agree with that.

>> suit and tie . he knows how to well them wear.

>> i chose jenna lions. she's the president and creative director at j. crew .

>> this is her first time on the list. she said her favorite item of clothing is all versions of a white shirt . i knew i liked her.

>> she has style charisma.

>> she does. my pick is keith richards . he's going to turn 70 later this year. obviously founding member of the rolling stones . he is also new to the list when he was asked if he has a style icon he said why should i? i am one. all you have to do is look at this guy. it's best to look at him as a distance because he has about 100 different things going on but it works.

>> it works.

>> all right. another rookie of the year, someone i picked kerry washington . the actress from the tv show "scandal." her character is inspiring the fashions of people all over the country. there's entire blogs and pinterest accounts dedicated to her style. and kate middleton . so from royalty to new royalty in music. beyonce first time on the list. and lebron james and henrick lundqvist as well. matt lauer usually makes the list. this time --

>> it was a bad year.

>> what happened.

>> we think you're fashionable.

>> it was that plaid jacket.

>> i think we have some shots of just some of your fashions over the year. look at that orange t-shirt.

>> and the bird on the head.

>> you wear in a bird so well.

>> it's a statement.

>> it's always a big honor. congratulations to the people on the list.

>> you can find the whole list at