TODAY   |  July 31, 2013

Hawaii offers homeless one-way ticket to mainland

In a three-year program called “Return to Home,” Hawaii is offering one-way tickets to homeless people who are willing to head reunite with their families back in the continental U.S.

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>>> what's trending on huffington post . what we're calling aloha to the homeless. hawaii is offering homeless people there a one way ticket off the island. a three year return to home pilot program will reunite eligible individuals with their females back in the continental u.s. hawaii is hoping the efforts will hope to save millions on programs that provide food and shelter to the homeless but critics say it could allow a one way ticket to paradise with a guaranteed fly home. here in new york city mayor bloomberg started a similar initiative a few years ago. it's a little bit like okay not in my backyard. go back to your families. it's going to get a lot of criticism.

>> there are people struggling with how manilessness there a -- homelessness there.