TODAY   |  July 31, 2013

Amphicars navigate both land and sea

For many people, summer is all about hitting the water. In an Amphicar, you can do it without ever having to leave your car. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren takes a spin in the vehicle that is part boat and part car, manufactured in Germany for just a few years in the ‘60s.

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>> months are a time when a lot of people like to hit the water and kristen found a way to do it without ever leaving your car.

>> reporter: the joys of summer. the open road , a convertible, a lake. that's not good unless, of course, you're driving an amphicar.

>> which direction is highway 55 ?

>> part car, part boat. there are only about 400 left in the world. manufactured in germany for a few years in the 60s they now sell for 50,000 or more.

>> this looks like the most fun vehicle you could ever have.

>> for a group of six friends in minnesota, it's all about the fun.

>> what's your favorite part about these?

>> it's really an attitude. you know, you can't take yourself too seriously. it is a bad car and a bad boat and it tends to make people smile.

>> they only go about 60 miles per hour on land. seven in the water. but the amphicar has always been like something straight out of a spy movie .

>> do you feel like james bond ?

>> sometimes. it depends on what i'm wearing.

>> okay.

>> there is always a small moment of panic. but with propellers in the back and seals on the door, it's actually a pretty seaworthy ride, most of the time.

>> no breaks?

>> no breaks.

>> reporter: the quirky little cars can be tough to maintain. they're made of steel which means rust, a reason the amphicar never took off in mass production and now there's just one place to buy spare parts.

>> it drives like a truck.

>> reporter: there's no denying the 50-year-old cars can make anyone feel like a kid again.

>> if you own them, you will have the time of your life .

>> reporter: on the lake, or on the land. for today, nbc news, minnesota.

>>> i love the description. it's a bad car and a bad boat.

>> yeah.

>> but looks like a lot of fun.

>> you have to call triple a. where are you? i'm in a lake.