TODAY   |  July 31, 2013

Mike Lupica: A-Rod ‘has put himself into this situation’

New York Daily News sports columnist Mike Lupica discusses the scandal facing New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez over allegations that he used performance-enhancing drugs.

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>> is a columnist for the new york daily news. good to see you.

>>> hey, matt.

>> i keep trying to figure out a way to compare this to another sports fall from grace and the only name is lance armstrong .

>> yeah, you can throw mike tyson in there for what happened to him. a completely different case and tiger woods . it wasn't so long agatha o that he had a stunning fall from grace .

>> but if you look back to a. rod's days playing in seattle he was so young. he was so promising. people thought this guy is going to change the game of baseball. what happened?

>> first of all, not only is he one of the most talented players i ever saw but you wonder how much of it came out of a bottle or at the end of the needle. he's also one of the biggest phonies in the history of the planet.

>> why do you say that?

>> i've never met anyone more insecure or needy than alex rodriguez . people got that about him. even before he came to new york he is bad mouthing derek jeter and then he was surprised people didn't embrace him.

>> let's talk about this season. he had the hip surgery but he was going to come back and this was going to be the year at 37 years old. he just turned 38. but at 37 years old this was going to be the year he would make a run at history.

>> 660, willie mayes home run total. and 3,000 hits. but now is he not going to get near 3,000 hits, it's probably become the summer of 3,000 lawyers instead.

>> let's talk about the case against him. it's important to remind people that this time, this is not from all reports about a positive drug test . this is about nonanalytical positives which means e-mails, texts, his name in books and he may appeal this. by the way, there's also a possible case of obstruction of justice that jenna just talked about. so does he have a legitimate shot at appealing a suspension if it comes down?

>> well, i think, depending on what he is facing and if there is some plea bargaining going on. they say there's no plea bargaining . i think when they sweated him in tampa they wanted him to know exactly what they had. it's more than diaries. it's e-mails and they started to let him know what they had. does he have a chance to win on appeal? yeah, ryan brawn got appealed a year and a half ago but now he takes a 65 game back.

>> quote from the sports illustrated article. quote, i want to be a role model, continue to be a role model, especially to my girls. so all the noise sometimes gets on my nerves, but that's it. he wants to be a role model. do you think this is a guy who fully understands the trouble he faces?

>> if he doesn't then he's in complete denial or living on the planet alex. you know, most kids figure out how to cheat at the age of 9 or 10 so i don't think anybody needs him to be a role model for that. everything he has done, matt. he did to himself. every public relations decision he made he made himself. he has put himself into this situation. everybody is closing in on him. i don't know if he can get out of this this time.

>> mike, as always, thank you very much. appreciate it. it's