TODAY   |  July 31, 2013

David Gregory: Weiner scandal ‘about public trust’

David Gregory, moderator of “Meet the Press,” discusses the scandals plaguing Anthony Weiner’s campaign for New York City mayor, saying “the biggest issue for him is public trust.”

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>> to nbc's david gregory . he's moderator of "meet the press." good morning to you.

>> good morning savannah.

>> a lot of people are asking how long can weiner stay in but if he has campaign money in the bank and a high tolerance for humiliation every day in the tabloids, do you assume he stays in until election day .

>> i think some part of his mind thinks if he can just get through this period that some of this will die down. may not completely go away but will die down enough for him to at least get back to talking about some of the issues he wants to talk about. he likes to say it's not about him. it is about him. it's about his behavior and about him lying to the public about whether he was a changed person after re-signing from the congress. if he continues on this path, he is losing in the polls right now and falling farther behind but he hopes, at least that he's got some time on his side to break out of it.

>> even before this latest scandal erupted people thought the goal for weiner is not necessarily to win but even to get through a campaign, answer the questions, go through the gauntlet and cleanse himself so that he can run for mayor the next time around. is that even a possibility now.

>> look, anything is possible. but i don't see it based on what's happened now. i think the biggest issue for him is public trust . that's why you see the polling about people thinking this is a legitimate issue. this is not delving into his personal life . it's his active life . he's not coming clean with the voters in new york. he's having to wage a national campaign because there's so much interest in this. even though he's in 4th place. we wouldn't pay attention to any other 4th place candidate in a race but it's unclear whether he has gotten over this behavior. it's about him and public trust and whether he stopped this behavior.