TODAY   |  July 31, 2013

Weiner official ‘sorry’ for rant against former intern

While fellow democrats are urging Anthony Weiner to step down from the New York City mayoral race, Weiner’s communications director Barbara Morgan is apologizing for a profanity-filled tirade against a former intern who spoke to the New York Daily News about the campaign. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>> the democratic drums are beating loudly for anthony weiner to step out of the race for new york mayor but the former congressman keeps stepping up and now his campaign has another scandal. more bad news for weiner 's bid to become new york city mayor. his director is apologizing after a tirade against an intern that gave information to the daily news. in a statement she writes in a moment of frustration i used inappropriate language in what i thought was an off the record conversation. it was wrong and i'm sorry. sometime people say to me this campaign is rough, you may want to quit.

>> reporter: tuesday anthony weiner issued another defiant response to the growing calls for him to get out of the race in the form of a simple one minute campaign commercial.

>> quit isn't the way we roll in new york city . we fight through tough things. we're a tough city.

>> reporter: political campaigns for new york city mayor aren't supposed to get this kind of national attention and weiner is struggling to stay on a local message.

>> you know, i'm here in the bronx to talk about things that are important to the middle class and those struggling to make it.

>> reporter: last week weiner admitted he sent lewd text messages to women even after his resignation to congress. his campaign manager quit and his poll numbers have taken a big hit . support from his mayoral run has dropped from 26% to 15%. when asked if he engaged in sexting since this latest incident he gave an answer saying you can quibble about beginnings, middles and ends but it was a year ago.

>> it's not about the candidates and the campaign or me. this is about helping new yorkers because they understand this is about them.

>> reporter: here's the problem for weiner , the latest polling shows that 65% of new york city voters feel this scandal is an appropriate topic for the campaign and a majority of voters think it's time he stepped out. savannah.