TODAY   |  July 31, 2013

Joe Biden to Al: ‘Keep door open’ for me at TODAY

After TODAY’s Al Roker invited Vice President Joe Biden to co-host TODAY, Biden responded via tweet, suggesting maybe he and Hillary Clinton can host together.

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>>> much lighter note vice president joe biden is leaving the door slightly open this morning to appearing as a guest host during today's 9:00 hour. it all started on tuesday when we were talking about biden's breakfast with hilary clinton prompting al to extend the information on the air.

>> would the vice president come in and fill in on the 9:00?

>> just for the day.

>> for the day?

>> just for the day?

>> well it didn't take long for the vice president to respond. biden posted this on twitter. keep the door open al roker. who knows, maybe hilary clinton and i can co-host.

>> then al responded tweeting -- go ahead al.

>> i will make my famous bacon waffles for you.

>> we haven't even had them.

>> it's the perfect transport system for bacon, syrup and butter.

>> for cholesterol.

>> it's fantastic.

>> but the invitation is there.

>> as long as you like birds you'll fit right in.

>> open arms .

>> keep tweeting, al.

>> mr. vice president we welcome you here.