TODAY   |  July 30, 2013

Al: I’d watch Joe Biden reality show ‘in a minute’

The TODAY anchors, along with Carson Daly, discuss Hillary Clinton’s breakfast with the vice president, prompting Al to invite Biden to co-host TODAY, saying it would be “absolutely awesome.”

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>> this morning, hilary had breakfast with joe biden .

>> well, that's interesting because the president could be put in the pickle of who to choose if they're both looking for an endorsement to 2016 .

>> do you think that came up at lunch yesterday.

>> i think it came up whether or not it came up. i think it was in the air.

>> for sure.

>> he had lunch with hilary first, maybe that means something but that is interesting.

>> well, you have lunch and then you have breakfast.

>> right.

>> you would be too full.

>> was breakfast with biden .

>> breakfast with biden .

>> doesn't that sound like a show? breakfast with biden .

>> yes.

>> there are people that want a reality show with joe biden . that would be good tv.

>> i'd watch that in a minute.

>> the breakfast show with joe biden .

>> would the vice president come in and fill in on the 9:00.

>> we're going go for that.

>> just for the day. just for the day.

>> we could do all three hours.

>> to have joe biden doing our today's take would be --

>> brilliant.

>> awesome.

>> i feel like he would scream through the whole thing.

>> i would give good money for that.

>> a lot of people would.

>> mr. vice president, the door is always open. obviously because we have birds now.

>> the door is open all right.

>> and we know how much he loves you.

>> loves me.

>> he gave you the great man hug.

>> it wasn't quite a hug.

>> the handshake.

>> he reached but that was okay. anyway, next, this one is kind of interesting. a