TODAY   |  July 30, 2013

Mark McGrath: I’ve gone from rock idol to doting dad

Singer, songwriter and TV host Mark McGrath is best known as the leader singer of the band Sugar Ray and is co-headlining a summer concert tour called “Under the Sun” that features popular bands from the 1990s and early 2000s. He tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that he’s calmed down since his rocker days and says his twin kids are light of his life.

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>>> you could say he's back but the truth is mark mcgrath never left. his sugar ray front man started playing music with his high school buddies in 1992 .

>> but after a string of tv records, he turned his sights on tv hosting gigs, went on to become a dad and a husband.

>> now mark returns to his rocker roots with the "under the sun" tour in 2013 . you're back!

>> good to see you. i took a look at your schedule, you have like two days off in two months.

>> we keep it moving. but we got such a great tour. the best music of that golden era of the '90s represented each night on stage.

>> you put the whole thing together.

>> i did. last year a buddy of mine named art, put the tour together. summer land it was called originally. he wanted to go hard rock . i wanted to go every direction. you had a hit in that era, you're welcome to come on that tour. there's lots of great muse frick that era.

>> when you reached out to people were they like count me in?

>> are a lot of them retired?

>> everybody's like -- you got your colostomy bag? you ready to go out and party? that was me. no. everybody was happy to go out and do it, play these giant venues and see the looks on people's faces. they forget how many hits smash mouth had. to see people arm in arm drinking wine coolers and crying during "fly," that's off the charts. that was actually in the hollywood hills in the summer not too long ago.

>> so do you miss -- i know did you "extra" for a while. do you miss the hosting gigs?

>> you know what? i leave it to the professionals. the fountain of youth it here. you two are beautiful.

>> what are you smoking?

>> you want some? no. the stage is where i belong. i love playing music.

>> now you're a dad.

>> my best creation ever ever.

>> you cleaned up your act zips those early touring days.

>> yeah. i used to be a bunch of booze and maybe ladies of the night backstage. now it is mommies and formula. so things have changed backstage a little bit.

>> how old is the baby?

>> they're twins. 3 years old. they are the light of my life. it is you have being on the road now. i see them on skype. daddy, when are you coming home ? and bring angry birds. that's all they care about. i'm home for five minutes, they're like presents, presents, presents?

>> what's the song of yours where everybody just screams?

>> it is the one where people said my daughter, "fly" is the first song she ever sang or we got engaged to "fly." once you can tap into the public like that, it is a special moment. it is like you are sharing the songs of the universe. i hate to sound too tony robbins , but it becomes property of the universe.

>> where does your inspiration come now when you write these songs? wife and kids?

>> absolutely.

>> so is the music boring? happiness and stuff like that?

>> but it is inspirational. ladies,