TODAY   |  July 30, 2013

How much is too much to share on social media?

Social media has become the go-to place for people to share their greatest joys and most painful hardships, but how do you know if you’re sharing too much? Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Hartstein and Buzzfeed’s Ryan Broderick share their thoughts.

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>> doing it now, tweeting, blogging or posting photos on facebook. social media has become the place to share everything from your happiest moments to personal hardships.

>> so when scott simon began tweeting about his ailing mother and doing it from his mother's bedside. he said mother cries help me at 2:30. been holding her like a baby since. she's asleep now. all i can do is hold on to her. heart rate dropping. heart dropping. he said you wake up and realize you weren't dreaming. it happened. cry like you couldn't last night.

>> does it help to share your thoughts with others or are you missing the moment. she is a psychologist and he is a reporter. good morning to you both. we want to share the other tweets this morning. he also wrote the heavens over chicago opened up and patricia newman stepped on stage. she'll make the face of heaven shine so bright that all the world will be in love with night. some people are so grateful. he has 1.3 million twitter followers that say this is beautiful to show the grace in that moment of her dying but at the same time others have said sharing what is going on at your mother's bedside as she is dying see too personal.

>> it's really an individual decision for all of us. we have to figure out what we're most comfortable with and there's something beautiful about what he is sharing. we don't talk about this death. it's this thing that's inevitable but we don't want to talk about it but he's bringing it into our conversation. it's forcing us to look at it. there's something beautiful about that but it makes a lot of people uncomfortable to share in other people's heart ache . we to figure out how what works best for us.

>> are we oversharing at some point where we miss being in the moment? so many times we have a concert out here and you'll see all of these kids with the phones up. they're not looking at the performer.

>> where's the ipad. everybody behind you can't see what's going on.

>> right.

>> we do.

>> it's the dawn of a new age, though.

>> we live through the screen. we're living our lives one step removed because i'm looking at al but i'm looking at al through my screen. i'm not really looking at you. we're not having an interaction but i'm like check that out i have to capture the moment but we're missing out on the experience of the moment very often and that's, i think a potential problem.

>> hbo series did a very similar big -- basically -- take a look at that.

>> my daughter was having a dance thing at her school. they had this big dance . anyway, we all went. all the parents and everybody is there and everybody has their phone. every single parent . it was an amazing thing to watch. kids are dancing and every parent is standing there like this. every single person was blocking their vision of their actual child with their phone and the kids, i went over by the stage and there's people holding ipads in front of their faces. it looked like we're all in the witness protection program . like the kids can't see their parents.

>> what's the line between wanting to capture and have these memories and get great videos and using social media for your benefit but not oversharing.

>> it's a tough balance. i feel like every person i follow on facebook overshares way too much. just floods the news feed with things i don't care about and i wonder if they do too. are you doing it to do it.

>> in doing this, do we -- is there a point where we have to say to our kids and set by example, you know what, this is for us, this is our family.

>> enjoy this moment right now. if you want to send something to grandma and grandpa, you can e-mail them but don't put it out for everyone to see.

>> we talk about oversharing all the time but we have the adults in their lives oversharing also. so how we model proper behavior. if you don't think anybody else cares about it, it's for you, maybe you keep it for your family and create a pry viet group.

>> going back to the case of scott simon . i think what he did is so great.

>> he said if you can hold your parents hand -- one tweet was last time i held her hand was when i was 9. when did i stop holding her hand? that's such an important sentiment.

>> he brought beauty to a really tough time and i think something that's going to make everybody think about life and death very differently which is an important asset to all of us.

>> all right. well, jennifer and ryan,thank you so much. coming up next, giada de laurentiis has delicious summer check off your school list, and theirs too. use your debit or credit redcard for an extra