TODAY   |  July 30, 2013

James Marsden: My kids are ‘underwhelmed’ by acting

Actor James Marsden talks about his new film, “2 Guns,” in which he plays a power-hungry intelligence officer, and how his kids react to his acting career.

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>>> in the new action film "two guns" out this friday, james marsden plays a navy commander that flexes his authority when it comes to covering up a heist.

>> i thought we were going to see a clip there.

>> there it is.

>> is he dead?

>> more than likely.

>> more than likely? do you want to tell me what that means? the whole point of you working with him was to kill him off and create a cut out so it couldn't get traced back to us.

>> my cover is solid. there's no way it will trace back.

>> that's a call made above your pay grade .

>> there's rage in his eyes.

>> you're an angry man.

>> it still makes me nervous yelling at walhberg.

>> did you see yourself playing that part.

>> no, i did not see himselmyself. it was written as a 55-year-old excommander jar head military guy and i was like are you sure? and actually they were like let's -- we wanted to kind of go against type and get somebody's mark's age.

>> you had to tap your inner evil.

>> yeah.

>> it was shooting ten days later after you said yes.

>> yeah it was a quick turn around. i got the job and about ten days later i was fighting with mark and denzel.

>> you had to get in shape quickly then too.

>> i did.

>> i'm in okay shape but, you know, mark just finished pain and gain so the guy did a movie about a body builder.

>> what's the quick ten day get in shape thing. what did you do?

>> it was trying to put on weight.

>> i wish i had that problem.

>> i know.

>> just like that.

>> women love that problem.

>> so now you've got three kids. i mean, do they -- they can't really see this movie , can they?

>> no, actually. i was at the premiere last night and i reminded myself that my 12-year-old son is probably too young for it. but it's fun. pretty soon he'll be able to see it.

>> do they know what you do? have they keyed in on it.

>> they do but my kids are wonderfully underwehel med with what i do. they're like get over yourself.

>> you have a great movie coming out, "the butler".

>> yeah and you play jfk.

>> very daunting to take on that role.

>> how did you prepare for that?

>> that was --

>> you gained weight.

>> gaining weight. i actually had to put things in my cheeks to fatten my face up a bit. it's like a retainer that gives you more in the jaw area.

>> wow.

>> but yeah i just would listen to all his speeches and get the accent down because that's the thing. you don't want to do an impersonation of kennedy, but everyone is going to want to hear the accent.

>> sure. so you'll have two movies out at the same time.

>> yeah.

>> that's cool.

>> and you have a big birthday coming up. i hope you're comfortable with this.

>> i a big one.

>> i just had mine last weekend.

>> the big 40. how do you pefeel about that.

>> we beat ourselves up in the years leading up to it when it happens --

>> yeah you feel like you're there already.

>> when i was 37 i started thinking i'm 40. you prepare yourself mentally.

>> you wean yourself into the 40s. so i feel like i'm already there.

>> do you want to do that? thank yourself.

>> it's thanking you but if you can tell us when your movie openers.

>> two guns from our sister company universal pictures opened friday. up next -- all you -- see.

>> keep going.

>> i didn't get the coffee. all the news you need before you head out the door, then, summer salads. you go.

>> keep going.

>> summer salads you can eat as a meal from giada de