TODAY   |  July 30, 2013

Al: Please, Joe Biden, co-host TODAY with me!

TODAY’s Natalie Morales and Al Roker, along with guest anchor Carson Daly, chat about the hot topics of the day, including Kristin Scott Thomas’s candid remarks on being an older actress.

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i'm al roker with natalie morales , the voice's carson daly in for willie.

>> and a bird in our studio.

>> there's a bird flying around the studio.

>> how did it get in here?

>> the doors were open.

>> he's up there in the light shaft.

>> a little chirping.

>> grab my shotgun in my dressing room.

>> wow.

>> come on, really?

>> you just made friends with peta.

>> oh it's a joke.

>> it's a joke. we're kidding. not a joke, hilary and -- are they finding it?

>> trying to save the bird.

>> why don't you put bread crumbs on our desk and it will fly to us.

>> birdseed.

>> anyway, the president -- there she goes --

>> so, again, the president.

>> is this how it's going to go all show long.

>> the president and hilary clinton had lunch yesterday afternoon.

>> what's the caption for the photo.

>> they don't share salt shakers apparently.

>> they have their own condiments.

>> they had a chicken salad i believe. pasta.

>> chicken can dry a man out. there's no water on the table. can you put the picture back up.

>> i love it. there's nothing there.

>> we're overanalyzing the picture because we don't really know what they talked about, right?

>> you know what i loved, this morning, hilary had breakfast with joe biden .

>> well, that's interesting because the president could be put in the pickle of who to choose if they're both looking for an endorsement to 2016 .

>> do you think that came up at lunch yesterday.

>> i think it came up whether or not it came up. i think it was in the air.

>> for sure.

>> he had lunch with hilary first, maybe that means something but that is interesting.

>> well, you have lunch and then you have breakfast.

>> right.

>> you would be too full.

>> was breakfast with biden .

>> breakfast with biden .

>> doesn't that sound like a show? breakfast with biden .

>> yes.

>> there are people that want a reality show with joe biden . that would be good tv.

>> i'd watch that in a minute.

>> the breakfast show with joe biden .

>> would the vice president come in and fill in on the 9:00.

>> we're going go for that.

>> just for the day. just for the day.

>> we could do all three hours.

>> to have joe biden doing our today's take would be --

>> brilliant.

>> awesome.

>> i feel like he would scream through the whole thing.

>> i would give good money for that.

>> a lot of people would.

>> mr. vice president, the door is always open. obviously because we have birds now.

>> the door is open all right.

>> and we know how much he loves you.

>> loves me.

>> he gave you the great man hug.

>> it wasn't quite a hug.

>> the handshake.

>> he reached but that was okay. anyway, next, this one is kind of interesting. a journalist fired for her blog. shea allen a news reporter for waay in huntsville got fired after her blog confessions of a red headed reporter listed ten confessions including i've gone braless during a live broadcast .

>> wow.

>> hey, so have i and nobody makes a big deal about it.

>> my best sources are the ones who secretly have a crush on me.

>> wow, somebody has a little ego .

>> sure.

>> i'm better live when i have no script and no idea what i'm talking about.

>> that always goes over really well, right?

>> i'm frightened of old people and i refuse to do stories involving them or the places they reside.

>> that's not nice. we have more old people in this country than we ever have. here's what she had to say about the blog.

>> well, i was thinking that i was being snarky and funny. i know it sounds cliche but i'm in this business to make a difference and my ability to do so has been taken away.

>> do you notice that snarky is crawling into journalism a little bit. the lines are getting, a little blurred.

>> blurred lines.

>> everybody wants to deliver the news and do their thing but they can't hold back with social media with too much information and trying to be a comedian. what did the country think about that? wasn't there a poll.

>> yes, we did a poll on our today show website and 48% said because she was fired for this, whether or not she was a fireable offense. 48% said no and 52% said yes.

>> we have it reversed.

>> it should be the other way around.

>> no, it's about 50/50 if you look at it.

>> right. we should mention it was all old people that voted, right? she wasn't very happy about that.

>> she posted it and then she took it down and then she reposted it again. she has a youtube channel so part of me is thinking maybe looking for a little attention here.

>> you're a news person would you think about blogging stuff like that?

>> this is her private blog.

>> but is there anything private?

>> but the bottom line is she is a public person .

>> do you think she should have been fired?

>> yeah.

>> i think she should have been suspended.

>> i think it's very hard for her to do what she does now. she can never interview an elderly person or --

>> not to mention every guy out there is going to be like is she wearing a bra.

>> well, she's not. i don't think so. in my mind she is never --

>> in the voice don't you think sometimes i'm going to go out without pants.

>> it has crossed my mind. it has crossed my mind.

>> all right. hey, next, prince charles offering his perspective on his new grandson prince george . he said george is a good name but said the baby will be called georgie in no time.

>>> i like it. it's cute.

>> not bad at all.

>> my son's name is jack and my dad who is 80 who comes from the era of jackie robinson , my dad calls him jackie and we love it.

>> that's nice.

>> that's great.

>> i think nicknames are cute. al has a really cute nickname.

>> what's it.

>> al row.

>> and nat mo.

>> we don't have one for you.

>> my son calls me cd 40.

>> he's jack d. 4. these are our like transformer names.

>> oh. we were playing a video game.

>> do you do the transformation.

>> yeah, we do.

>> show us.

>> we call each other bingo for some crazy reason.

>> wow. do you go -- [ clapping ]

>> yes, it's a really long story.

>> hanging around with old people at a bingo hall .

>> bingo was a clown but anyway. do you name your kid do you think about what the nickname is going to be.

>> definitely.

>> you have to think about what kids when they go to school, are they going to call him jackie?

>> you always think about that when you choose that name. you even think about the letter of the name. is this going to be -- when you put them all together.

>> i like this next one. two actresses offering their thoughts, different thoughts on aging. kristen scott thomas from english patient said she felt invisible surrounded by young actresses at the film festival . she said you get bumped into, people slam doors in your face. they just don't notice you. somehow you just vanish.

>> that's how most of us live, right?

>> where as basic instinct actress sharon stone who is 55 had a more optimistic view. she said we know so much at this age and people realize we're the one with the experience. we're a very colorful generation that is leading once again. i'm not a woman, obviously. i am middle aged .

>> but there's the question do women get overlooked.

>> it's an interesting point. look at george clooney in his 50s and he gets better looking every day. chr kristen is 53 and feels like the younger girls steal the attention.

>> maybe it's that environment. you put her on a regular street people will notice her.

>> put her in a film and people certainly notice her.

>> no problem.

>> is she going to get the calls.

>> my favorite helen miren .

>> and very sexy.

>> very hot.

>> and incredible.

>> attractive, hot i don't know.

>> she's hot.

>> i'm just saying. very attractive woman no doubt about it.

>> there's a picture of her in a bathing suit and i'm telling you, she is hot.

>> let's not see that one but --

>> wow.

>> i mean now.

>> really.

>> you know.

>> really?

>> a little older. is that bird still here?

>> that bird's still here.

>> it's about to do something on your shoulder which you already did.

>> that's good luck where i come from.

>> this is just an awe moment. check out this photo of this little frog.

>> awe.

>> this is by a 27-year-old photographer from indonesia caught this in his neighbor's garden in may. that's about as cute as it gets.

>> when frogs act like humans there's nothing funnier. there's nothing cuter.

>> how about that one back in the 70s.

>> it's raining.

>> he's a frog. love it.

>> that is adorable.

>> how about the cat hanging from the tree back in the 70s.

>> i think i had this poster at one point.

>> and of course the grandaddy of them all, dogs playing cards .

>> there you go.

>> that says -- that's the animal -- there's me, there's al, there's willie, we're all hanging out.

>> wow.

>> and the bird in the rafter, that's the next photo.

>> and a picture of helen miren in a bathing suit .