TODAY   |  July 30, 2013

New traffic complaint app is direct line to Congress

You can now vent your commuting frustrations directly to Congress, thanks to a new app: Former Penn. Governor Ed Rendell, part of the bipartisan group behind the app, discusses ā€œIā€™m Stuck.ā€

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>>> thanks. it happens all the time. you're caught in a massive traffic jam stuck at the airport or maybe packed into a crowded train car . well, now there is a new app called i'm stuck. it lets you vent your commuting frustrations directly to your member of congress. former pennsylvania governor is coshare of building america's future. it's the group behind this app.

>> good morning. i share with mike bloomberg the mayor of new york .

>> and schwarzenegger, formerly california. since i have you here we have to talk politics. anthony weiner running for mayor of new york . you know what's going on. a lot of people think he's got to get out of the race.

>> i don't advise people to get out or in races. i have an advised to get out of a race i couldn't win and went on to win. it's his decision but not ours. i don't think he is doing himself any good and he's not doing the city of new york anymore.

>> what about his wife, huma abedin . she is a close aid to hilary clinton and there's comparisons being made to huma and hilary back in the day with bill clinton 's infidelitys. is this hurting the clintons?

>> i think if hilary decides to run for president that's not going to happen. huma is a great person and everybody loves her.

>> let me ask you about hilary clinton . you are the number one president of the fan club . i think everybody inside politics right now is kind of assuming that she is going to run. are you one of them?

>> no. i don't take that for granted. i think everyone around her decided she is going to run but hilary hasn't. she has the opportunity to be relevant without running for president. it's her decision. i think she'll make it soon but i'm not sure it's a lock.

>> let's talk about this app. i'm stuck. how does it work? you're frustrated in traffic. what do you do?

>> people are mad about trafficking and cursing in their cars. we give them a chance to do something. not while they're driving but when they get to the destination you take the app and hit report an issue. we say don't do it while you're driving. you can at a picture but we're not going to. how are you stuck? i'm stuck in traffic. you save it and there's this message. you can send this message or you can change it yourself and you send it to your two senators and congressmen.

>> does this matter? did letters like this matter?

>> sure, especially if there's a lot of them. everyone in congress, republicans and democrats, they admit there's no republican or democratic way to fix a day. everybody says we need to do something about it but we need to give them a permission slip and say it's okay to invest money in our infrastructure. allowing us to compete economically and increase our safety and benefit our quality of life and produce thousands and thousands of good paying american jobs .

>> you can send a picture.

>> thank you.

>> the app is called i'm