TODAY   |  July 30, 2013

Alabama TV reporter fired over blog post

Shea Allen, a fixture on the evening news for Huntsville, Ala., ABC affiliate WAAY, has been let go from her position for revealing confessions on her personal blog. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

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>>> to alabama where a local television reporter is making headlines for her very revealing blogs. posts that now cost her her job. here's janet.

>> for waay 31 first news at 11:00 .

>> in huntsville alabama she was a daily fix toure on the evening news. she covered a range of stories for waay but it was her after hours in the social media , her personal log now making national headlines.

>> confessions of a red headed reporter.

>> among her disclosures she's napped in a news car, gone braless during a life report. is frightened of old people and refuses to do stories involving them.

>> i thought i was being funny but i didn't think it would come to this.

>> her bosses weren't laughing. the station told nbc news it couldn't comment on personnel matters.

>> i know it sounds cliche but i'm in this business to make a difference and my ability to do so has been taken away.

>> experts say social media is a smart tool for journalists but can blur lines between the personal and the professional.

>> younger professionals are used to posting about their personal lives on social media that they don't have the same filter as of those us that didn't have the options when we started our careers. there's also her you tube channel. sometimes equally candid.

>> this is me sitting in my car waiting to do a story about nothing and getting paid less than most mcdonald's managers.

>> despite the controversy she is committed to reporting and hopes to be back in front of the camera soon. nbc news, houston.

>> well, we asked our viewers what they thought. was this blog post a fireable offense? we'll put the results on the screen. 52% said no and 48% said yes.

>> i wonder how many of those 52% were older people.

>> exactly.

>> i think that's the credibility. she's lost a lot of credibility.

>> that's the most problematic thing.