TODAY   |  July 30, 2013

Dolan on pope’s gay remarks: ‘We can judge actions’

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops speaks about Pope Francis’ words about gay people, saying it hasn’t changed the Church’s views but the pope is simply reminding people to “treat everybody with dignity and respect.”

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>> timothy cardinal dolan is arch bishop of new york . nice to have you back. good to see you.

>> good to be with you. i'm jealous of ann over there in rome.

>> if a person is gay and seeks the lord and has good will who am i to judge that person. what's your gut reaction .

>> my gut reaction is that that's not surprising at all. what surprises me is people are surprised. it's been a pretty clear teaching of the church based on the words of jesus that we can't judge people. we can judge actions and the holy father was clear on that. there are certain actions that are immoral but we can never judge a person's heart.

>> there's no real change here is what you're telling me. this is not a change of ideology or philosophy. the church still views it as a sin so nothing has changed there.

>> maybe a tone has changed, matt, but you are correct. the church's teaching which is based on the bible and god's revelation is that sexual love is reserved only between a man and a woman in the life long life giving faith of a relationship of marriage. any sexual relations out that would be less than god's intention. that hasn't changed. what the pope is saying don't forget there's another element to god's teaching that we treat everybody with dignity and respect and we don't judge their heart and love and respect them.

>> yet it's called a watershed moment for gay priests and gays that want to be priests. what do you say about that.

>> i welcome it. he has drawn attention to that second aspect of church teaching is to say look, as compelling as is god's warning against sexual immortality is also his clear will that we treat everybody with dignity and respect?

>> as he overruled because benedict signed a document that banned gays from becoming priests.

>> no he wouldn't have overruled him. it was benedict too that wrote a good chunk of it and in it it's clear that homo subpoenas sexual people deserve love, respect and dignity while acts would be immoral.

>> i want to ask you if you're on the same page of this pope. you made comments that angered some in the gay community . you said they're entitled to friendship. you wrote a blog that compared gay catholics among others to people with dirty hands and while same sex is a big leap when the supreme court had that historic decision on doma, you said it was a tragic day. are you on the same page with the pope.

>> i appreciate the comments of one of the people introducing me because this could not be interpreted as a change in the church's doctrine or change in morals. it's a change in tone. it's an invitation from the holy father that we can never be harsh and skrjudgmental and no change in tone when it comes to women in the priesthood.

>> in tone i hope but not in doctrine.

>> that's settled?

>> that is settled. you and i talked about this a long time when we were in the conclave, the pope's job is to hand on with it's fuel purity and integrity of the teaching of the church. he kanlt change it. he can emphasize or set didn't tones or put different emphases and that's what he was doing.

>> you were the one in the conclave. i was not in the conclave so people at home understand that. good to see you.

>> always good to be with you.

>> see you in rome.