TODAY   |  July 30, 2013

Weiner is ‘focused like a laser’ on people of NYC

Despite recent polls showing a majority of democratic primary voters want him out of the race, former disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner insists he isn’t quitting in his bid to become New York City mayor. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>> now we'll move to politics. another interesting meeting on hilary clinton 's schedule. she had lunch with the president on monday and today she sits down with vice president biden for breakfast. andrea mitchell is in washington with the details. good morning to you.

>> good morning. hilary clinton is having breakfast with the vice president at his reresident. and a safe distance from the anthony weiner scandal that is the talk of new york politics.

>> hilary clinton 's breakfast today with joe biden could be awkward. biden makes no secret of his ambition saying i have two portraits hanging, one of jefferson, one of adams. both vice presidents that came presidents. but clinton if he runs in 2016 would likely clear the field. today's breakfast follows clinton breakfast monday with president obama in the white house garden. aids said they are catching up. nobody said if they talked about anthony weiner that's a tabloid nightmare for his wife and for the clintons. an unwelcome reminder of scandals past. but he insists he is not quitting the race.

>> i'm not terribly interested in what people who are not voters in the city of new york have to say. i am focused like a laser beam on their interest.

>> reporter: his campaign manager jumped ship and his wife hasn't been seen since last week. but he told a newspaper she is still on board.

>> my wife has given me a second chance. she is a partner through thick and thin.

>> reporter: when the paper asked what he would tell his son about the scandal. he joked first of all the kid is going to grow up in gracie mansion so i'm going to say, kid, don't complain. a new poll has a majority of democratic primary voters wanting him to get out. another democrat running for redemption, eliot spitzer agrees.

>> he shouldn't be mayor of new york .

>> that's correct.

>> reporter: weiner has now fallen to 4th place. the clintons view him as the sun in law you would never want in the family. they're not asking her to get him out. but he made it clear last night he doesn't care what the clintons think. matt.

>>> thank you very much. we're