TODAY   |  July 29, 2013

5 simple solutions to summer headaches

Bruce Lubin, author of “10,001 Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems,” shows the quickest way chill drinks for your summer cookout, an easy tip for checking your propane tank, and how to get rid of stains on your favorite shirt.

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>>> all about having a good time outdoors. problems can ruin fun.

>> whether it's ketchup stains on your shirt or run out of gas for your grill, bruce ruben is the author of "who knew? 10,001 solutions."

>> i'm going to give you some barbecue tips. a literal buzz kill is if your beer is warm at your barbecue. what you want to do is pour some ice in here. you want to just do that?

>> you want me to do it? there's water in there, is that okay?

>> yes. throw it in there. take one of our gloves off. feel how cold that water is. see the demo.

>> what is that? salt?

>> salt.

>> okay. go.

>> pour that in. you're going to stir this up. feel that. how much colder?

>> colder. he's right.

>> we just had a moment, didn't we.

>> one of us did.

>> this will now be -- the salt will make the water freeze colder. by the end of the segment we are drinking those beers. they will be frosty cold.

>> propane.

>> another problem. if you run out of propane.

>> what do you do?

>> it's awkward. serve your guests raw food . you don't want to do that. you want to take some hot water . i'm going to do this part. it's a little bit nasty. you're going to have to take your gloves off again, ladies.

>> what are kryou doing?

>> feel this.

>> why?

>> see where it's cool and see where it's hot. cool there. no, no, no. where i poured the water.

>> it's warm.

>> down here? it's cold. that is because this is how much propane you have. the propane will always absorb the heat.

>> because there's no gauge on those things.

>> there's no gauge. typically these carry about 20 gallons. if you have half you've got ten hours left of cooking.

>> that's a good tip!

>> how do you clean the grill? you don't want to spray some vegetable oil first. okay? very good. this is on a hot grill. don't do it when it's on. you can get a flame up. after that you're going to take your brushes. i like the two of you doing all the work here. you're going to spray with a wire brush . you don't have to buy those expensive wire brushes they have for barbecue. this is a dollar from the hardware store.

>> it's not doing anything.

>> it does. but now if you find that you still have stains. we're going to spray wd-40.

>> that's kinky stuff.

>> this is kinky stuff. only on a cold grill. then you have to wash it a lot.

>> this is not edible.

>> that's right. it's not edible. everything will come off with wd-40. a miracle spray. let's talk about stains. here we have some --

>> quit yelling, hoda.

>> we have mustard. we have ketchup. i imagine around here the occupational hazard is red wine stains. why don't you throw a little red wine on that.

>> uh-huh.

>> wow. that was --

>> i want you to prove it, baby.

>> what you're going to do is use half peroxide, half dawn detergent.

>> only on a white shirt , right?

>> you can use it on colors as long as you check. ge jeannie and i, my wife, use it on all sorts of stains. see how it breaks down? that was some serious staining you just did there, kathie. put it in water like this. warm water. a little longer and that will be gone.

>> last couple seconds.

>> if you want to eliminate or prevent a perspiration stain. a little bit of baby powder on shirts that you have to iron. i will do the ironing since you guys have done all the work.

>> on the inside.

>> on the inside.

>> it gets rid of the stain?

>> it prevents it. think of scotch guarding your underarms.

>> it's good enough for a baby's heiny it's good enough for your armpits. that guy at the yankees game should have done that.

>> good to see you. having a hard time buttoning your