TODAY   |  July 29, 2013

Clear the clutter! Tips for organizing a mess

Danielle Blundell from Family Circle magazine explains how to de-clutter junk that’s piled up in your laundry room or basement and clothes that have made your bed their home instead of the closet.

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>>> all right. look around you. check out all that stuff that's all around you that you've been meaning to put away.

>> are there things that are just sitting on your countertops? clothes piled up on chairs somewhere.

>> if you said yes and we know you did you've come to the right place. we tweeted and asked you to send photos of the most cluttered areas of your home so we could help you out.

>> it's time to reveal them. danielle blendale, that's her real name. family circle 's senior associate home editor. hi, danielle .

>> thank you for having me.

>> people are a mess, pretty much.

>> we all are. we all are.

>> we're going to start looking at some pictures and you're going to help our people out. our first viewer photo, from carrie denby in river falls , wisconsin. carrie says right there she needs storage for her clothes that is not shocking to me. i'll just go on record. tell us about that.

>> right. she's got a lot of stuff where the bed's sort of become an extension of the closet. space savers are going to be key here.

>> look what she's done.

>> right. instead of these bulky plastic hangers, we say bring in these slim and flat hangers so your garments won't slip and get on the ground.

>> jill martin has those.

>> these are jill martin's, actually. "today" contributor jill martin, the martin project for qvc. we love them. they're tiered. you can hang a ton of stuff. a hook for accessories, too. get four dresses, a whole outfit, that sort of thing.

>> put all the shoes and pants, folded them up, up above? is that the plan?

>> you can hang your pants here, too. what's great about these hangers, colorize. pink is for my weekend clothes. black is for my work clothes.

>> nobody's doing that.

>> some people do.

>> come on now, danielle .

>> jill martin. bobbie thomas.

>> it's for the uber organized person.

>> it will change your life. you just have to commit, hoda.

>> you brought in these bins which are great for tucking away odysseys and gear. that's kind of what these are. get them in a lot of different sizes. two here. these are sea grass . pretty but stur t tdsturdy. tip is to label with a tag. you've got socks and scarves there.

>> sharknado.

>> pronounce it properly.

>> the idea is that you rotate your flip-flops in when summer's over.

>> next photo.

>> you are so good.

>> penny from canada. she wanted suggestions in decluttering her jewelry piles. again, not shocked at all. what should we do, danielle ?

>> she's on to something with hanging her necklaces to minimize tangles. we want to dress the whole box. the whole jewelry box . everything you have. really start by size and style. for necklaces, we just went to the hardware store and got a pegboard, threw some hooks in here and just put the necklaces in. i do this at home. it's great because you can just kind of grab and go. you'll never be without an accessory. you won't have to untangle and waste your time doing that.

>> bracelets on wine bottles .

>> we raided the kitchen. this is actually a papertowel holder we stacked bangles on. y you've been saving that bottle of wine for date night or girls night .

>> so smart for your earrings. little ice holders. this is a photo that came. i guess they used our coffee mug to put their eutensils in. they're obviously eating in their bedroom. okay.

>> also doesn't shock you.

>> again, not shocked.

>> we brought an over the door hanging organizer.

>> those are great.

>> you can see everything. krou c you can really tuck away odds and ends. when people come over close the door so no one has to see it. even close the door when you go to bed.

>> that photo, i am a little bit blown --

>> uh-oh. now we're talking hoarders.

>> she's on to something. she's got the pin. putting the stuff in it. we've got a few tips for her. we say --

>> ooh.

>> every once in a while what you want to do is take the bins out. give your storage an expiration date . about every, i guess, six months put your things in a box and evaluate. say, am i using this?

>> hefty. hefty bags. get rid of it.

>> give it away. somebody else needs it.