TODAY   |  July 29, 2013

7 tips for tackling tummy troubles

Ashley Koff from Prevention magazine tells Kathie Lee and Hoda how to prevent digestive problems by knowing the foods that cause stomach pain, working out more often, and eating more slowly.

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>>> all righty. let's face it. we all deal with tummy troubles now and then. whether it was that spicy salsa you ate last night, hoda, or the side of broccoli and garlic that left you a little bloated.

>> what are the biggest culprits and how do we keep things shall we say running smoothly? a contributing editor for "prevention" magazine.

>> the see retcret to life is keeping that digestive system moving.

>> your digestive system is pun intended at the core of your health.

>> there's a pace to your body, isn't there, to your digestive system .

>> there's supposed to be.

>> we've got to slow things down. when we eat something, nine hours later the body is still working on it. a day later. two days later. it's not in and out.

>> two days later you've already eaten other stuff.

>> exactly. so it layers on layers on layers which makes it really important to not overwhelm. don't give your body too much at one time.

>> avoid shmorgas board.

>> if you're a fast eater that can be a problem.

>> if you walked in, started your morning and everything was laid out for you and you could do one thing after the next after the next and it was just slow and easy. how about those mornings where everything is thrown at you at once. then you just feel awful. you feel overwhelmed. your body doesn't know what to do. it's the exact same thing going on inside of you.

>> tell us what we can do about that.

>> slow it down, chew. you actually start di jegs by smelling things. that triggers the release of saliva in the mouth. gets the body ready. the more slowly you can go the better your body will adjust.

>> certain foods trigger a bad stomach, period.

>> we've got our gas producers. they're amazing for you.

>> healthy for you.

>> our kale. onions.

>> cabbage.

>> our beans. yes. they produce the gas. we can cook them. we can also add different spices. i love to cook, like, indian food because those spices really help. definitely eat them. things like caffeine, wine, coffee. they're acidic. they can attack the body a little bit. but you can have them. we just have to make sure we do them in a balance and prepare them more healthfully.

>> can you stop heartburn before it comes on? is there a way to put the brakes on that?

>> yes. interestingly, right here my lemons and limes are the thing to do. people say hold on a second. why would you be telling us to have acid if i have acid. this actually help trigger the body to release something called sodium bicarb. you squeeze half a lemon into your water. squeeze a lemon on top of your fish. squeeze it on top of your velk vegetables. you get great taste, too.

>> they did that in italy. i didn't see many bloated people. maybe one or two.

>> some people don't tolerate the dairy. they'll take it as a dietary supplement . maybe you're trying to correct a problem. we need digestive balance. we'll always get in the bad bacteria. we need to get in the good bacteria.

>> why is popcorn here?

>> sometimes people think this is the issue. this is the aid. fiber will health support that good bacteria.

>> eat popcorn!