TODAY   |  July 29, 2013

Bieber, Gomez reunite at her birthday party

Bonnie Fuller, editor-in-chief of, and Roseanne Colletti of NBC’s “Gossip Gram” discuss Christina Aguilera’s reported 20-pound weight loss and Justin Bieber reuniting with his former girlfriend.

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>>> we are back with more of "today" on this fun-day monday. it's time for today's buzz where we catch you up on the juiciest hollywood gossip you may have missed over the weekend.

>> from christina aguilera 's swimdown to selena's cozy weekend with the biebs. we have all your scoop.

>> hello, ladies. thanks for coming in for us today.

>> tell us about the massive weight loss .

>> she looks great.

>> apparently she's lost about 20 pounds. she looks fantastic. she never really had lost all the baby weight after having her son.

>> look at her.

>> doesn't she look amazing? i mean, i thought she looked great when she was curvaceous. she was out at an nbc event over the weekend. everyone was shocked by how fantastic she looked.

>> if you looked very closely at the end of "the voice" this season you maybe had a sneak peek. not like that.

>> that's right. when she was performing, she guest performed. and she looked really good.

>> let's talk justin bieber and selena gomez . she turned 21, huh?

>> same birthday as prince george of cambridge . instead of having a royal themed birthday bash she had a gypsy themed birthday bash in malibu. and the surprise against, bonnie?

>> was justin bieber. he roll eed up in a leopard print car at after midnight. he was dressed in a very classic way. not some of the ultra sexy looks she's been wearing lately. and we found out at that there was heavy pda going on between he and selena.

>> what was he doing the other day where he was spitting off the roof on to fans? what was that?

>> did you guys see that picture?

>> i did.

>> somehow he's been a little out of control lately.

>> gross.

>> he's got some friends that are really bad news.

>> they live togetheft together, the two.

>> they were heading off to church, no doubt.

>> let's talk about johnny depp .

>> good thought, kathie.

>> is johnny depp retiring? seems like a stretch?

>> he actually said that in an interview, that he was looking to quiet down. i think he's a bit unsettled by the " lone ranger " reviews. that they were so bad. so he gave an interview in london. and he said that when you actually speak more words that are written than you actually say yourself over the course of a year, it's time to quit.

>> it could be the first of many retirements as we've seen with other performers. maybe he just needs to take a break. i mean, he is 50.

>> that's called the prime of life , okay?

>> he has had some very high powered, very physically active roles.

>> they did their own stunts in that, i know.

>> that's right. he almost got very badly hurt while doing that movie.

>> we should say we did reach out to his reps and we got no comment.

>> i can't imagine.

>> nobody called us back.

>> he said it himself.

>> all right. let's talk "sharknado." because nothing is bigger than a sharknado.

>> can we avoid talking sharknado?

>> it's going to be on the silver screen ?

>> it was already on the sy-fy channel. it was a big hit on tv. celebrities were tweeting like crazy about it. the really upsetting news is that tara reid may not be back.

>> say it's not so.

>> i hear she has a new role in weinernado. coming into a theater near you.

>> people can go watch this at a movie theater one day?

>> i know this information. it's a one-night silver screen movie deal. where you get to go to the movies at midnight and watch "sharknado." genius.

>> watch sharks falling out of the screen at you.

>> the next one's going to be new yorknado.

>> they say it will have a different twist.

>> how can it have a different plot? sharks are falling from the sky.

>> it's got different scenery. that's all.

>> what i love --

>> it should be like a hurricane. they fall out of a hurricane. they've done a tornado. hurrinado. shark -- anyway, tara reid , the best thing about this is her tweet that she says, hey, i'm going to wait and make my decision about whether i star again until after i read the script.

>> that's what made me laugh. i'm going to read the script.

>> like it's going to be that different.

>> it's going to be really, really good.

>> we're not talking the remake of les mis here.

>> it is a big hit , though. it is.

>> i think people who love "sharknado" are going to want tara reid back.

>> "wolverine" took box office this weekend. it was a little disappointing, ladies, down from the 85 of the 2009 show.

>> it's still number one.

>> 55. still number one.