TODAY   |  July 29, 2013

Sara surprises devoted fan with beach trip

Teresa Carey, Kathie Lee and Hoda’s Fan of the Week, enjoys all the Fourth Hour fun, and will spend a few days in Miami for her devotion to the show. She shares Hoda’s playlist every week, and her son appreciates Kathie Lee’s music.

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>>> it is monday which means we get to surprise our fan of the week.

>> okay. who's it going to be, sara?

>> drum roll . i know you love this part. our winner this week is teresa kerry . she watches on wstm nbc 3 in ithaca, new york. we have teresa on the phone, i think. how you doing, teresa ?

>> hello!

>> are you excited?

>> i am so excited. i can't stop shaking.

>> before we tell you what you've won, let's tell everyone why you're our fan of the week. from fun-day monday to try-day, friday, teresa depends on the ladies to help her get through the week. her favorite part of the show is what the what? because it pushes her through the halfway point of each week.

>> are you sure, teresa ?

>> teresa said she even stole her mom's aarp magazine just to read your article. she also loves hoda's play list and kathie lee 's reaction.

>> that baby is precious.

>> her baby p.j. loves kathie lee 's music.

>> of course he does.

>> look at the headphones.

>> are you ready to hear where you're headed?

>> i am.

>> okay. pack your flip-flops and sin screen. you and a guest will be heading off to miami, florida.

>> take p.j.!

>> you won a four day, three night stay at the beautiful edon rock miami beach . a spa treatment at the resort's el spa. private sun deck. all this fun stuff. hotel and air fare accommodations provided by eden rock miami beach . a great getaway for a hard working mom.

>> i stayed at that hotel before when i was a little girl with my family. it's been redone since the 1800s .

>> teresa , we're excited for you.

>> have fun, sweetie. thanks for all your support.

>> congratulations.

>> if you want to be our fan of the week go to

>> we're going to catch you up on the hollywood buzz you missed this weekend.

>> then get out those trash bags. we're going to help you clear out all that clutter around the house we've sara wants to save on lunch. what if switching from fast-food could save you over $470.00 bucks a year. that