TODAY   |  July 29, 2013

Edward James Olmos ‘impressed’ with Denzel, Wahlberg

Tony, Emmy and Oscar nominee Edward James Olmos has more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry as an actor and producer. Now he plays a drug cartel leader in the movie “2 Guns,” and says that he was very impressed with its stars, Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg.

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>> 30, hode. go ahead, baby. hoda thinks i'm out of practice and can't read anymore. edward james olmos has brought to life memorable characters starting with the no nonsense police lieutenant martin castillo in the '80s tv series " miami vice ."

>> then his oscar nominated performance as an inspiring math teacher in the film " stand and deliver ." still a huge success today.

>> now the good guy turns bad. very, very bad. playing a drug kingpin opposite denzel washington with gold teeth and mark wahlberg in the new universal film "2 guns." take a look. and hold on to your horses.

>> cash.

>> cash?

>> tell the little dodo we're not taking on any new customers.

>> no disrespect. i ain't no new customer. you've been dealing with me for a long time.

>> keep the passports. keep the money, too. when you're ready to give me the product, give me the product. until then, you owe me.

>> yes. it's nice to see you.

>> how are you?

>> it's been a long, long time.

>> thank you.

>> he has had many, many careers. what i love so much about your story, edward, how much you have just -- it really didn't matter what you were doing, did it? it was just the passion that you brought to each thing that kryou did along the way.

>> i was very fortunate. i enjoyed the stories i was doing.

>> this one is really interesting. there's a lot of shall we say double crossing going on.

>> nobody's what they seem to be. is that what appealed to you or just the idea of working with denzel.

>> you guys have seen it. i haven't. i'm going to the premiere tonight.

>> you're darn good in it. you rocked.

>> all i can tell you the story itself off of the script was very, very strong. it's funny. it's humorous like "lethal weapon."

>> it's also very graphic. what really troubles me about the whole thing it probably a lot of it could be true. in light of what we heard about fast and furious this past year. all the drama that takes place on the border there. nobody is what they seem to be.

>> right. i play the drug dealer . and i'm the best guy in the movie.

>> he's the good guy. the chemistry on the set, too. you'll see it, i guess, when you're there. they've got a great vibe. they look like they've worked together for -- mark wahlberg and denzel.

>> they're great. they're both great guys.

>> did you have --

>> what happened, which is really great, the scene that happens in the garage.

>> mm-hmm.

>> was the first scene that i shot. and sitting in the chair. that was the first scene that they did together. they had been doing other stuff. and then they did that one.

>> what's that like? you got to be darn good at your craft to be able to just suspend -- just jump in, right, feet first?

>> yeah. i think that's the art form. i think that's where you get into the situation, you play it moment to moment. those guys were just spectacular. from -- i mean, there was a lot of -- at the very beginning there was a lot of play between the both of them. i was very impressed by it.

>> there's a lot of physicality in the movie.

>> yeah.

>> you're diving all over the place and getting banged up.

>> a lot of bullets flying and that sort of thing.

>> there's a lot of reality in it. because of the fact, like you said, after fast and furious , we really have learned an awful lot. you know, the situation with the irs. the banking systems of america. you get into a whole situation of understanding that the good guys are not always the good guys.

>> mm-hmm.

>> but they're always the good guys. because they're the good guys. so you're confused, you know.

>> we know that you are one of the good guys.

>> you are.

>> he used to speak 150 times a year trying to help young people feel good about themselves. got to run. pleasure. thanks for coming to us. this movie opens in a theater near you starting