TODAY   |  July 29, 2013

Study: Women have evolved to want funny men

TODAY’s Al Roker and Natalie Morales, along with guest anchor Carson Daly, chat about the hot topics of the day, including a new study that shows women use a man’s ability to make them laugh as a way to judge his suitability as a partner and potential father.

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>> welcome, monday morning, july 29th , 2013 . i'm al roker with natalie morales and carson daly . how is your marathon going so far?

>> i blacked out somewhere around 7:17 this morning trying to handle hard news sitting next to the great savannah guthrie who was so kind in the first couple of hours. you know this all too well. what a whirlwind around here. for me, doing hoda and hanging out with hoda and drinking is easy.

>> sure.

>> getting here early and doing the hard stuff , that's a whole other thing.

>> you do the hard stuff .

>> this kind of hard stuff . it's been great and i've been thrilled to be here. thank you for having me.

>> always good to have you here. well, we have got a big story that we were talking about earlier today as you probably saw here on this show. savannah had an exclusive with the son of ariel castro. he's the man that held three women captive in his cleveland home for nearly a decade. he pleaded guilty to 937 counts including kidnapping rape and attempted murder. he was sentenced to life plus 1,000 years in prison. want to take a look at that incredible interview with his son anthony. here's what he had to say to savannah.

>> what did you think of the sentence your father got? did they get what he deserved?

>> i think it's the best possible sentence. if he can't control his impulses and doesn't have any value for human life the way this case has shown then behind bars is where he belongs the rest of his life. have the same first and last name. i look in the mirror and i see the resemblance and i think about what he did and how horrible it was and i just can't help sometimes just being overcome with that.

>> what an amazing interview. and such courage because i mean, he talked with savannah about how the last three months have been an nightmare for his family. just sad to see, he is such a nice young man and having to deal with the fact that, you know, he forever will live with that, what he father did to the three women .

>> i like what he said about looking in the mirror, a lot of people would feel guilty by association but him saying i have to look at myself in the mirror. that's my dna and that part of it is hard for me.

>> when savannah asked him what do you have to say to your father?

>> have nothing to say to my father.

>> that's it. amazing.

>> well, a little change of pace, carson, you had a busy weekend.

>> yeah, we had the television critics association .

>> you were there for the voice and everybody was talking about how saw many kristina looks.

>> i have known her since she was 15 or 16. i have known her a long time. this is a photo from this weekend for those of you keeping track. it was almost like a time machine . it was 1999 all over again. listen, she takes a lot of hits in the public about her weight and has and deflected a lot but something happened in the last six months with christina. she really found herself. in the time she took off the show. she spent time with her son. they went to asia. she just wanted to get back to eating right and working out and all of that has just culminated and just a new christina. she is incredible. on september 23rd at 8:00 on the voice you'll see the return of her.

>> what's really sweek about shakira as well. she said thank god for her stepping in.

>> but nobody says hey, cee lo , why don't you drop a few.

>> yeah.

>> i always talked about the fact i probably wouldn't have kept my job at the weight i was if i had been a woman.

>> very few women overweight on tv.

>> exactly.

>> she looks good. no doubt about that.

>> here's an interesting story. awe new study by stanford universitys school of medicine found that women evolved to want to be with men that made them laugh.

>> they did a whole study on this again.

>> what was it before?

>> either you were good-looking or investment banker .

>> too funny. get him out of here.

>> you're funny but you're also rich. women 's use a man's ability to make them laugh as a way to judge his fitness as a partner and potential dad. she once asked why did you date my dad and she said well he made me laugh. he was funny and courtney said you think he's funny?

>> every man is much more attack tif when they are funny.

>> all chicks say that but they don't live up to that.

>> it's true.

>> you hear that a lot but at the bar it's remember i was making you laugh all night there. i want to get your number. you have to have it. we have a flight in from l.a. we had kids and we were delayed and there's times at that whole better for worse if you can just rely on that laughter with your mate it's a difference maker.

>> just look in the media. the guys who make women laugh are not necessarily the best looking. fred flinstone . he and wilma should not have been together.

>> that's your example.

>> barney. how did he end up with betty. she's twice as tall as him.

>> maybe more contemporary i'm thinking kevin james , adam sandler .

>> what if you're good-looking and funny. that's the ultimate.

>> your triple threat . jim carrey , great looking good.

>> there you go.

>> are they the most desirable.

>> i would think they are. john stewart , brilliant, funny.

>> women are attracted to the mind behind the humor.

>> smart.

>> but sometimes the funny comes like that thick sense of humor that they can be depressed.

>> natalie took a turn.

>> there we go.

>> sometimes those people have issues that you don't want to know about.

>> yeah, women have never known about that. guys can have issues.

>>> and this one i don't get.

>> i love this idea.

>> what is it?

>> when you struggle to scrape out the last traces of peanut butter from the jar. well, look at this promotional video for a new project that went nuts online over the weekend.

>> the peanut butter jar is messy, inefficient and wasteful. it's impossible to avoid peanut butter knuckles when extracting the substance from a nearly empty jar. jar with a twist solves all of these problems. it's designed like a deoderant jar.

>> wow, that's attractive.

>> it's not a real product yet.

>> how about when you've got your knuckles down there it's just time to buy more peanut butter .

>> are you buying a 65 gallon drum that you can't get your arm in there.

>> look at the size of that peanut butter jar.

>> use a knife.

>> i think it's brilliant. the guys that invented it hasn't patented it yet.

>> if peanut butter were made of gold, really -- i mean --

>> it's peanut butter . there's plenty of it.

>> tooth paste. like the last bit of toothpaste. well, women pay a lot for facial products and cosmetics and stuff.

>> i'm going to put it in al's dressing room tomorrow.

>> you notice i don't have any peanut butter on my knuckles.

>> al, you have a family of squirrels following you. what's going on with your deoderant.

>> i just want to show that here's a concept that you can actually --

>> do you need jelly to go on that sandwich.

>> this is like a shark tank product.

>> or a waste of time.

>> did we just ruin this guys.

>> now you have your hand all the way up -- it's like you're doing a peanut butter puppet.

>> okay. al, let's get a little check of the weather.

>> that's going to spill by the way.

>> i know. i was getting ready. i have jelly all