TODAY   |  July 29, 2013

Hot Google searches: Madonna, Danica McKellar

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg reveals what people were searching for over the weekend, including Madonna, who celebrated 30 years since her self-titled debut album was released, and Danica McKellar, the former “Wonder Years” actress featured in Avril Lavigne’s new video.

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>>> while many of you were out having fun this weekend a lot of you were hitting the computers checking out hot topics.

>> what did everyone want to know over the weekend? well, daniel is here to break it down. good morning.

>> so these are trending searches. the pulse of the internet and the first one is amanda berry who is one of the three women released from captivity in cleveland. she made her first public appearance at a nelly concert over the weekend. she was out on stage to a cheering crowd. nelly dedicated the song to her. she came out on stage. she didn't say anything. it was a local radio d.j. that encouraged her to make up for lost time in a sense. we know the tragic story she went through but she had a great time at the concert.

>> ariel castro was sentenced on friday. he pleaded guilty.

>> it was after that.

>> this is a bittersweet story. sam simon .

>> everyone knows matt one of the cocreators of the simpsons and the other guy was simmons. he was been diagnosed with cancer. he is going to donate his fortune to animal shelters . he is facing this rather awful end to his life but decided to take his wealth and donate it.

>> what an incredible man.

>> madonna also was trending. there's an anniversary behind this.

>> it's probably hard to believe that over the weekend we marked the 30th anniversary since her self-titled debut album .

>> i feel so old because i grew up on that album.

>> lucky star .

>> everybody.

>> everybody. she is quoted as saying when she first heard everybody on that box it was an amazing feeling and her career continued since then.

>> it's a typical thing for anniversary type things you'll see more attraction.

>> yeah. people are curious to know what she is doing now. she is working on a movie that's coming up. she was on tour last week.

>> whatever happened to that madonna.

>> yeah, 1983 . where is she now?

>> in fact, a new video version of everybody or something like that?

>> yeah, she is always trying to find ways to reinvent herself which is great.

>> all right. danica mckellar . we all know her as winnie and the reason she was being searched this weekend.

>> she is also a math whiz. she is in a new avril lavinge video.

>> is this how she dresses in normal life ?

>> in this new video. she's in that and people want to see what she looks like.

>> nicki minaj. he went on tv and recently preposed to nicki.

>> have they dated? they have a working relationship.

>> for real or like an mtv thing which we never believe anything.

>> that's for real.

>> there's a lot of folks commenting on how earnest he seemed to be and it was an emotional proposal.

>> what did she say?

>> she posted a picture of herself wearing a t-shirt that said love and he posted a picture that said beautiful so no one is sure.

>> if it wasn't a yes, maybe it's a no.

>> that means can we just be friends.

>> how about doing it in person.

>> well, there's always that. maybe he'll try it again. hard to say but a lot of people were curious to see what she was going to say.

>> i didn't know him until i just saw that.

>> yeah, he's a prolific d.j. in the business but of all the people that would have proposed you might have picked someone else. guys she might be linked to or whatever.

>> not to be confused with linkedin.