TODAY   |  July 29, 2013

Cook up quick and easy classic fried rice

A staple in Chinese cooking, fried rice is simple enough to prepare in your home with ingredients you probably already have in the pantry. Chef Ming Tsai shares his favorite recipe for the classic dish.

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>>> this morning on you can do this, fried rice . you can order it but it's simple enough to make at home. he is here with a quick and easy recipe. good morning to you my friend.

>> good to see you.

>> you too.

>> simplest thing ever. i do brown rice white rice combo.

>> why?

>> brown rice is better for you. if you do 50/50 soak the brown rice for an hour.

>> so you do it rather than repurposing rice.

>> if you have left over rice it's fantastic but if you use fresh rice and make it you better a better fried rice . you might think that's a lot of oil and it is but this is how you make the fluffy scrambled eggs .

>> what if you don't have this here.

>> this is a wok which i love. you can make both the rice, we have a rice cooker like that. if you have it in a stock pot you can make fried rice with it too.

>> once you mix the rice it's everywhere.

>> is fried rice one of the recipes that you can throw anything in there or is it strict ingredients.

>> no.

>> i'm going to show you a couple of variations.

>> are those eggs done?

>> yeah thank you for noticing.

>> this is a quick simple fried rice . if you could scoop out that for me, please.

>> sure. put it right in there.

>> yeah. there you go. keep going. a little touch of oil. give me three more of those and we're good.

>> now we can add the eggs back.

>> to your point, got to cook the eggs a little more.

>> somehow that.

>> perfect. so here i'm trying to make a --

>> when does the big heaping thing of butter go in there.

>> not today.

>> not today.

>> so this is healthy.

>> it's very healthy. we'll add a little bit of soy sauce . just a touch. it shouldn't be brown, just lightly tan. this is done. the thing i love about using fresh price, see how fluffy it is? it's completely done. because it's hot rice it cooks so quickly.

>> the rice is actually helping cook the egg and everything else.

>> that egg is fully cooked now. so now we can place this up just like this.

>> is fried rice always a side dish or is this the main meal.

>> it's partially the main meal. the thing i like about fried rice is you put meat and stuff in it it becomes it's own entree. here we have fried rice so i'll give you this to try.

>> there's nothing really overly flied about it.

>> there's no frying in fried rice for example. if you use the scallion fried rice as a base you can add stuff, chicken, sausage, pineapple and bell peppers .

>> that's delicious.

>> is that good? chicken sausage, ground pork or any meat. you can do something like this. shrimp fried rice . add poached shrimp.

>> what is that? is it for everybody?

>> if you like garlic and spicy.

>> you chop it up?

>> yeah, great color and spice.

>> just in time.

>> make sure your partner eats it too. if your partner doesn't eat it and you do -- that doesn't work so well.

>> nice to see you.

>> wow.

>> i'll give you --

>> thank you.

>> can we get a chop sticks lesson while we have you here.

>> okay.

>> seriously.

>> you didn't put soy sauce in here did you?

>> just a little bit.

>> i like the pineapple. you actually don't -- it's not rude to bring the bowl to your mouth. that's how you do it.

>> this is going to change my life.

>> it's impossible to pick up rice.

>> basically you're shoveling.

>> that's okay. we can do that.

>> thank you so much.

>> thank you.

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