TODAY   |  July 29, 2013

Man juggles his way from Hawaii to Studio 1A

Juggler Chris Smith, whose video showing him juggling in Iceland went viral, journeys from the beaches of Maui to Studio 1A, showing off his juggling skills along the way.

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>>> he was on vacation in iceland and he wanted to document his time.

>> but instead of taking pictures he decided to do something out of the box. [ music playing ]

>> well, as you can imagine that video did go viral. close to 700,000 views and counting so we reached out to chris to join us.

>> all right. we found him somewhere in hawaii. here he is juggling from the beaches of maui to studio 1 -a.

>> from nbc news, this is today with matt lauer and savannah guthrie . live from studio 1 -a if rockefeller plaza . [ music playing ]

>> and chris is juggling his way right into our studio. he's still going.

>> don't trip now.

>> made it all the way.

>> all the way from hawaii.

>> good job.

>> how was the trip?

>> so cool.

>> i was going to ask you do you ever drop the ball? occasionally.

>> occasionally.

>> how did you capture all of that.

>> this is a go pro rig. it's a wide angled sports camera you can put on anywhere. they had head straps and chest straps and stuff like that.

>> that's cool.

>> this started when you were in iceland . you decided to do the video. were you shocked how popular it became?

>> definitely. i was in europe on a trip on my own and i was on tour with the car and we had a couple of weeks off.

>> with blue man group .

>> yeah. we had an extra week and i decided to go to iceland and i wanted to find an interesting way to show my prefriends and family what it looked like out there. how did you get into juggling? you were 12 was it to get rid of stage fright .

>> yeah it was like that and we were on a family trip and the rv broke down and i learned to juggle in pit stops across america.

>> is juggling hard work. you're a little bit out of breath. is it something that requires physical ability?

>> i would say more mental than anything. for me what i like to do is a dance i guess. there's an element of making this physical manifestation of this thing you can bring to the table. some people have dance and i have juggling balls .

>> how was the trip for you? we saw the sunrise and the cool places you hit along the way.

>> it's a funny thing. it's a different way to travel. it's given me myself an excuse to put myself in situations i might not. wanting to see the world through the juggling put me in situations that are awkward.

>> it's what you see.

>> totally.

>> is it always the yellow balls? did you ever juggle anything else?

>> good question.

>> like pineapples?

>> there's career juggling going on right now but it's stuck with these. these are my go tos.

>> can you juggle?

>> no. are you a great juggler? how technically good are you.

>> can you do chainsaws?

>> i've done turkey cutters.

>> can i toss them in.

>> toss them in. i got the camera, i'm set.

>> what about the blue man group . do you do stuff with them?

>> yeah, we just finished the tour and this has been a funny thing that's happened as a result of it.

>> it's great. great to sight see with you.

>> thank you.

>> thank you very much.

>> keep on juggling. appreciate it.