TODAY   |  July 29, 2013

Night owl or early bird? Here’s what it means

Whether you like to burn the midnight oil or rise and shine early can say more about your personality than you may have guessed. NBC’s Carson Daly reports on the traits tied to early risers and night owls, and psychologist Xavier Amador adds perspective.

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>> do you like to rise at the crack of dawn or burn the midnight oil ? the answer can reveal a lot about your personality.

>> reporter: if you're a creature of the night or a sprite morning bunny, grace yourself for a reality check. apparently so-called night owls may have a higher sense of self-importance, entitlement and narcissism. and the morning crowd, not so great news either. they're more ridged, less adaptable with their body clocks and less wealthy according to another study by researchers at the university of madrid. on the upside, a lot of creative types thrive at night. and the morning folks excel in academics. that said, researchers admit the correlations found in the new study were small and given the fact that the participants were mostly college students that tend to keep late night hours anyway there's not enough data to lose sleep over . in the end, maybe we could all use a little more shut eye.

>> he is a psychologist and visiting professor at the state university in new york. nice to see you.

>> good morning carson.

>> if you're a night owl or nightmare, what is this.

>> you're kind of like a night owl in a roster's clothing this morning.

>> what did you think about the study?

>> some merritt. there's three personality traits , narcissism, psycho psychopathic. almost all of these studies were done on college students. it affects when you sleep and how you get up early.

>> they talk to college kids that are all up late and think the world resolves around them anyway.

>> i don't think you should be afraid if you're a night owl that you're going to turn into a criminal.

>> what does it say about the "today" show staff that likes to get up early and go to work? are we better?

>> are you better? well, there's some research out of madrid that suggests that you're higher chieveachievers, more creative and so on. i don't think we can generate from sleeping patterns.

>> what about historic figures?

>> some people were night owls . people like president clinton was a night owl . obama is supposedly a night owl . but, again, you can't take someone's sleep pattern and from that determine that they are going to be cunning, well, maybe duplicitous. more research could be done.

>> the night owls are a little bit more fun.

>> i think we are. i'm a night owl . i'm up early for this.

>> thank you. let's go outside