TODAY   |  July 29, 2013

Mark Wahlberg: ‘2 Guns’ comedy is ‘change of pace’

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg chat about their new movie, “2 Guns,” a comic thriller in which they play undercover officers working to take down a drug kingpin.

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>>> we're delighted to have two of the biggest stars on the planet right now in rockefeller plaza . denzel washington and mark walhberg chatting with the crowd. they're teaming up in the movie "two guns" and while it's filled with action their characters also share tender moments, including one over breakfast.

>> ma'am, ignore everything he said, okay? don't bring me any eggs and pancakes, just bring me some coffee and bring him a couple of eggs.

>> i don't want eggs. put a couple of eggs on it and bring him rye toast.

>> no pancake.

>> a sil silver dollar one.

>> no pancake, no silver dollar , no rye toast.

>> good morning to both of you. so goes the script. it's a lot of banter. did you know you would have chemistry.

>> you would hope so because it relies on the chemistry of the guys. i've been a huge fan of denzel and we had a wish list and he was the top of the list. so it's like; christian mingle.

>> both of you were dramatic actors. people may not think comedy when they think of you? was that something you wanted to do? come to the lighter side.

>> yeah i was coming off of doing the movie "flight" which is not a comedy and i was looking for something lighter and have fun.

>> in an interview you said your wife razes you about getting older. this is a physical role for both of you. you're hung upside down, chased by bulls. were you soaking in a hot tub.

>> yeah, i did four movies in a rowand took a couple of months off to rest and relax. when you're talking about this movie, that's why we wanted to do it. you've seen comedians do these things before and it has dramatic elements as well as the action and the comedy is a nice change of pace.

>> is it true that comedy is harder?

>> repeating it take after take because you don't know if you're funny and the crew has to be quite. they can't really respond to what you're doing.

>> mark, recently i read an article that you're a mr. mom. you get up early and take care of the kids and let the wife sleep. is that true?

>> she is sleeping today in new york but the kids aren't in town. i try to be involved as much as possible but no, mommy is the boss.

>> and denzel you and your beautiful wife are on the cover of ebony this month talking about your marriage. 30 years which is like dog years in hollywood. what's the secret?

>> do what she says.

>> one of the other benefits of working with denzel is that i can get professional advice but also personal advice. i'm married. i've got four children. he's been through it all personally and professional and given me sound advice and helped me out.

>> he asked her to marry him three times.

>> i don't remember that.

>> i don't know.

>> twice. i remember twice.

>> readers digest recently had a list of the 100 most trusted people in america. do you know where you were on that list?

>> no.

>> number three.

>> really?

>> you beat the president, mrs. obama, supreme court justices .

>> they were ahead of me.

>> who was number one, though.

>> tom hanks .

>> tom hanks ?

>> yeah and then sandra bullock . maybe next year.

>> and sandra bullock .

>> yes.

>> maybe next year. give me something to shoot for.

>> well, it's great to have you. do you have as much fun making the movie as it seems like on screen.

>> we had a great time.

>> it's a little bit of action but you feel like there's a good story there too.

>> absolutely. it's a great combination of action and humor and great twists and turns.

>> all right. mark walhberg, denzel washington , great to have you