TODAY   |  July 29, 2013

Diane Lane to play Hillary Clinton in biopic

The actress Diane Lane will play Hillary Clinton in the new NBC biopic about the politician, prompting the anchors to speculate about who should play such other people as Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

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>>> trending on the huffington post today. president obama is hosting hilary clinton for lunch at the white house today. she is traveling around the country giving speeches as she considers whether to get into the 2016 presidential campaign. whether she runs or whether she doesn't, nbc says it will move forward with a new miniseries about her life. this is slated to be a four-part movie starring diane lane and will recount clinton's final years up to the present. no word on who will play bill clinton , perhaps monica lewinsky lewinsky.

>> i think bill.

>> he played it a couple of times.

>> he's got the eyes.

>> i could see that.

>> and my monica lewinsky , elizabeth moss from mad men.

>> what do you think nat?

>> i was going john travolta . and then olivia munn for monica lewinsky . what do you think?

>> woody harelson for bill clinton and katy perry .

>> turn it into a musical.