TODAY   |  July 29, 2013

American train passenger injured in Spain dies

The death toll in the train disaster in Spain has risen as Myrta Fariza of Houston, who had traveled to Europe for her daughter’s wedding, succumbed to her injuries. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

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>> on the horrific train crash in spain . the death toll has risen as an american passenger has cecumed to her injuries.

>>> there's so much sadness in this neighborhood today. when they left their home it was to attend their daughter's wedding in europe and while the couple originally survived that train accident , the mother of the bride has now died.

>> my wife, unfortunately, she was sitting on the side where the train flipped over.

>> it's been a weekend of shock and pain for bobby. after celebrating their couple's wedding in rome, they took a trip to spain . he wanted to show her his family's roots. it turned into a nightmare.

>> all she wanted was me to hug her.

>> he had only minor injuries. sunday morning she died.

>> it is surreal and feels like a horrible nightmare.

>> i thought it was a dream. i started piecing together there's a smoking train here. i was on a train, we must have crashed.

>>> meanwhile after meeting with a judge for two hours, the driver of the train, 51-year-old francisco garzon was released without bail but he is provisionally charged with 79 counts of negligent homicide . one of the men with garzon immediately after the accident said the driver told him he had been going too fast. that he needed to break but couldn't and he feels now that he wants to die. in spain , there were many funerals over the weekend as grieving families buried the victims of this tragic train crash .

>> reporter: the driver was not required to postbail. he's not jailed. authorities believe he is not a flight risk. natalie, back