TODAY   |  July 29, 2013

Rains cause N.C. rivers to rise, killing 2

As parts of the east coast are bracing for rain this morning, the flooding threat isn’t over in North Carolina where a storm caused surging waters that claimed two lives. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports.

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>> cover. the dangerous storm system claimed at least two lives. dave gutierrez is following this story just outside of florida where flooding is a big concern today. gabe, morning to you.

>> good morning, savannah. all the rain is rushing downstream. there are plenty of sandbags behind me and that is because the nearby river crested overnight at about seven feet above flood stage .

>> reporter: north carolina just the first stop for a major storm system moving up the east coast this morning. the state beginning to dry out after some of it's worst flash flood flooshing in decades.

>> we're hoping we don't get any more rain.

>> two deaths are blamed on the surging waters. a 10-year-old girl and 48-year-old man were swept up while swimming in a creek about 100 miles northwest of charlotte. the slow moving system knocked out power to thousands of residents and shut down dozens of roads. rescuers warn that although the rain here is over there's still a threat.

>> the water is up and it's dangerous and we have been warning people not to get in the water because it's so high and dangerous.

>> reporter: and that threat is now extending up the east coast . philadelphia broke it's daily rainfall record on sunday. parts of the city are still underwater while pounding wind and rain are drenching millions this morning from connecticut to maine.

>> if we deal with any of these tropical downpours midweek for the same areas that saw the 5, 8, 10 plus inch totals on saturday we could see more flash flood flooding issues. these are areas we'll have to watch closely.

>> reporter: back here officials will be spending the day assessing the damage. we're expecting a dry day today but more rain later this weeks, savannah.

>> a lot to clean up. gabe gutierrez in north carolina for us. thank you.

>> let's turn to al for more on the storms and what you can expect today.

>> we'll see finally drying but areas from the northeast down into the mid-atlantic states dealing with the heavy rain . philadelphia, also new jersey getting the heavy rain . the good news is the system is pulling up and away. the heaviest rain over new finland, heavier rain offshore. not a big problem. now our eyes turn to the midwest where we have a combination of a dipping jet stream , cool air coming in and a lot of moisture to the south. we have a risk of strong storms from kansas down into oklahoma. you can see the heavy thunderstorms firing up. we're talking about flash flooding a problem there today with anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain, savannah.