TODAY   |  July 28, 2013

Jenna tests the facts behind Twitter’s UberFacts

If you’ve ever wanted to know something about anything, chances are Kris Sanchez has tweeted about it on his Twitter feed UberFacts. Two years and millions of followers later, there’s just something about random information that has people intrigued. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>> if you ever want to know something about basically anything, chances are there's a guy out there who can tell you or tweet you, and jenna found it.

>> i did indeed. hig his name is chris sanchez . sanchez has racked up nearly 5 million twitter followers in two years meaning there's just something about the useless tidbits that has people intrigued, including all of us.

>> did you know troy aikman in six years passed for 16,303 yards.

>> you know bees and dogs can smell fear.

>> reporter: if jerry mcguire thought that little guy was full of random knowledge, he would have been blown away by chris sanchez .

>> you're like one of the smartest, random fact guys i've ever met.

>> oh, stop it.

>> in 2011 chris started uberfacts, a twitter feed filled with useless, yet fascinating facts. among his followers, kim kardashian , miley cyrus and thousands of others.

>> if the average man never shaved his beard, it would go to up to 30 feet long.

>> there's something exciting to look at your phone and see a new fact you never knew before.

>> for example, a squirrel finds less than half the nuts it hides. did you know in japan, you can buy a square watermelon? because you can't always believe everything on twitter, i did a little investigative reporting with my father. like is bad driving genetic.

>> they say that driving -- well, they say bad driving, but driving is inherited. so i in some way would like to think that i got my driving skills from you.

>> you have to exert your authorities on the road. you can't let people just push you around.

>> dad, i could not agree with you more.

>> reporter: okay. so that probably goes in the fact column or it takes four seconds for silence to become awkward.

>> you know how i love the twitter uberfacts --

>> i do to. and?

>> reporter: that's about right. did you know our 43rd president, george w. bush was a cheerleader or the bible is the most shoplifted book of all time? the best fact of all, even though i've done this and this and this, the ocean at night, terrifying.

>> thalassophobia, fear of the motion at night.

>> and that's a fact.

>> i own it. i own thalasso phobia. terrified. there's almost a new tweet every hour. it's fascinating.

>> i just started following during your report.

>> me or uberfacts?

>> are you on twitter, too?

>> i notice when i wake up in the morning there's a whole slew.

>> he actually created this neat system where it's on a feed. he'll plug in 50 a day and every two hours they send it out.

>> one of my favorites was the reason that pirates wear an eye patch was because so one eye is adjusted for below decks and one eye is add dusted for above decks. blew my mind.

>> i love that.

>> you will tell a friend today.

>> which will take care of any awkward silence.

>> oh, my gosh. did you see what was on dylan's computer? what was she looking at?

>> maps.

>> weather maps or regular maps?

>> just the word maps.