TODAY   |  July 28, 2013

Listen to music while swimming with new tech

One of the latest tech trends to know about is a new Walkman that enables the user to download music at home and then listen to it while running, swimming or even in the shower. TODAY’s digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong reports.

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>> get this on the table. we've seen unhealthy, texting, tweeting type things. geraldo rivera , he showed a picture saying how he feels about being 70. a bit revealing.

>> a bit revealing.

>> we know about anthony weiner 's troubles here in new york. this stuff lives forever, doesn't it?

>> it does live forever . a lot of people aren't really understanding, one in five u.s. adults actually do this. this isn't something that's rare or something that only a few people are doing. a lot of people are doing it. the images are out there forever. and so it's one thing to do it between couples. but it's another thing when you start to share that beyond --

>> you lose contract -- sexting, you can lose control of those images.

>> absolutely. those images can be used against them later.

>> a cautionary tale. let's talk about cool gadgets. i read about this preparing for this interview segment, a way to find where you can find a movie.

>> or a favorite tv show . it's called yidio. it's an apple app. as you saw, you can also watch it on the web. what this does, lester, it ag gates content through all these different network channels. whether it's on cable tv or the internet or itunes or netflix, you can get any show basically to come right to your phone, be able to see that show or that movie. and then once you open the show, you'll be able to find out, do i need to pay for it or can i watch it online somewhere for free.

>> might be on netflix or apple tv , but tells you where to find that. i love that. very cool. you also have not just ear phones, but an mp3 player .

>> sony has a walk man mp3 player . the player and the headphones are all in one device. this is it. you're not carrying another device. you drag and drop files onto this, connect it to your computer. you put it over your head like so. wrong side. you put it over your head this way. it fits right into your ears, great for jogging, but also waterproof. it can go into water up to six feet down.

>> in theory, you could jam in the shower.

>> in theory. i have tested it in the shower. i haven't gone swimming with it