TODAY   |  July 28, 2013

Boat driver charged in Hudson River crash

A bride-to-be and her fiance’s best man were thrown overboard in a boat accident on the Hudson River Friday. The driver, Jo Jo John, has charged with vehicular manslaughter. NBC’s Michelle Franzen reports.

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>>> in new york, a bride-to-bs believed to be dead after a tragic boating accident in which she and the best man for her wedding were thrown overboard. we have the story.

>> reporter: a tragic ending to what started as a pre wedding celebration. bride to be and her fiancee's best man were thrown overboard on a boat accident on the hudson river . early saturday morning lindsey 's mother and stepfather spoke to the media after hearing lindsey was missing. her mom said the group of six friends went on a simple outing near the engaged couple's home just north of new york city .

>> they just went out for a nice night on the river.

>> reporter: authorities say the boat collided with construction barges anchored along the tappan zee bridge . late saturday they charged the boat's driver, jojo john with vehicular manslaughter. he was injured in the crash along with all other passengers on board and is in the hospital.

>> we have probable cause to believe he operated the boat while intoxicated.

>> lindsey and 30-year-old mark linen were reported missing. while rescue teams pulled the body of a woman from the water, they haven't identified the victim by name.

>> there were people wearing life jackets . it's unknown what the people ejected were wearing.

>> reporter: on the facebook page, lindsey posted pictures along with her fiancee and dog. her stepfather says she was looking forward to marrying her childhood friend .

>> they're both very workaholics. i know they were planning a good future together.

>> reporter: for "today," michelle franzen , nbc news new york.