TODAY   |  July 27, 2013

Miley Cyrus poses nude for charity

A new collection of T-shirts from Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy, which raise money for cancer, feature a naked Miley Cyrus along with the slogan, “Protect the Skin You’re In.” Entertainment Weekly’s Meeta Agrawal is interviewed by TODAY’s Lester Holt and Erica Hill.

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>> good morning.

>> good morning.

>> nice to see you. let's start with miley cyrus who is baring it all for an antiskin cancer ad. how does it set well with her fans?

>> they are used to the new shocking things she's doing. i don't know if you saw the video she just shot. that was pretty wild. this, of course, she stripped all down. she has a little because she's doing it for charity. it's in the tradition of victoria beckham and other celebrities who have done that similar campaign for the marc jacobs skin cancer awareness. so, you know --

>> it's probably not going hurt her?

>> i think any damage to her image have already been done. she's a long, long way from man that montana.

>> i wonder how the tee shirts are selling.

>>> " american idol " ten people are suing not just them, but the sponsors saying they were kicked off the show because they are black.

>> that's right. on thursday, ten former contestants gathered together and filed suit saying they were publicly, disqualified from idol and they are all black. you do the math. they are asking for $25 million each. this is really big. you know, we are going to see how it unfolds. "idol" has not released a comment on this, yet. if they get their day in court, if this does bear out, i mean that's going to really -- it's really going to affect the viewers perception of the show.

>> they are kicked off for different reasons. some arrests, others recording contracts. there were reasons at the time.

>> they were the only people targeted by the producer or the show.

>> they are saying the way they found out that information about the arrest wasn't done in a kosher way?

>> exactly.

>> let's talk about "glee." the cast of "glee" got together to honor corey monteith.

>> they had a private memorial to honor corey . itis the first time everybody got together to honor the person who is part of their family, really. so, you know, that show is kind of figuring out plans for going forward in the wake of his death. you know, what they will do, they are planning to go into production soon, possibly next week. they will do the first two episodes as they planned with tweaking, obviously. jen hudson won't be part of it. they are playing the third episode as a memorial to corey . then they will take a break and think about what they want to do going forward.

>> it's a tough one for so many people. our hearts go out to them.

>>> there's a lot of baby fever happening. we are not talking prince george . jimmy fallon is a new dad. he had a daughter. penelope cruz has a new baby. this may be good for mr. fallon.

>> i think so. if you saw the monologue jimmy did the day after his baby was born, it was so sweet. he look like the proud dad. he released a photo of the mom. i think going into his new role next year, he's going to have a lot to talk ability.

>> good to have you on.