TODAY   |  July 27, 2013

Amanda Bynes’ parents file for conservatorship

The parents of the embattled actress Amanda Bynes have asked that they be appointed temporary conservators over their daughter’s financial and personal affairs, saying they are worried for their daughter’s safety. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>> psychiatric care after an incident earlier this week that follows months of odd behavior including arrests, strange tweets and more. the 27-year-old's parents are stepping in to help her get her life back under control. here is mike taibbi .

>> reporter: in the movies when she meets someone, she discovered she's british royalty . in the real-life version, her parents say their daughter is unable to manage her own affairs. they have gone to court to petition for conservativeship.

>> they want to take control over her professional, personal and legal affairs .

>> reporter: the case comes after a two-year downward spiral. progression from movie star to cautionary tale. last year, she pleaded not guilty to a dui charge and two hit and run cases. in may she was arrested in new york city . she threw a bong out of her apartment, a charge she denied in court. the events of the past week have been truly bizarre. on monday, she was seen setting fire in this california drive way, catching her own pants on fire.

>> i'm sad that she is in this condition. she probably had a lot of potential.

>> they hospitalized her. bynes parents filed legal papers spelling out their legal concerns in disturbing detail.

>> we believe she is homeless. she was paranoid about being watched. bynes did not attend friday's hearing. she's in psychiatric care.

>> the situation with britney spears back in 2008 is early similar to amanda's current condition.

>> reporter: in 2008 britney spears 's father was awarded conservativesh conservativeship.

>> most people look at it as a raging success.

>> maybe bynes will get back to the goal she described to "today" in 2006 .

>> i love to make people laugh. i hope i can do it for a long time.

>> reporter: for "today," mike taibbi nbc news los angeles .