TODAY   |  July 27, 2013

‘We’re getting eaten alive’: Residents battle mosquitos

Residents of Georgia are fighting against a mosquito invasion thanks to weather conditions that have made it perfect for breeding, allowing the population to flourish while residents are left feeling the bite. NBC’s Sarah Dollof reports.

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>> reporter: outdoors of their home. this year --

>> it's really bad.

>> reporter: an explosion of mosquitos. asian tigers to be specific. bigger and more aggressive than she remembers.

>> sometimes i won't see them sit on my little boy 's legs and at the end of the night he has welts all over his legs.

>> she called for help. now her yard is sprayed every three weeks. trouble spots like standing water are treated for larva. she's not alone. business is booming.

>> people are calling in the morning saying please help us.

>> reporter: experts say the weather is to blame.

>> with all the rainfall, we are set up for a bumper crop of mosquitos.

>> reporter: in atlanta , it rained 40 of the last 55 days. a rainfall total of more than four inches above normal. there's a silver lining to the cloud of infestation. the mosquitoe we are seeing now does not transmit west nile virus .

>> when it rises, they are the ones in the evening when you are home from work trying to barbecue or around your pool.

>> some of us have a bigger bite bulls eye on the back. mosquitos are attracted to type o blood , dark clothing, pregnant women and drinking a beer make you more attractive.

>> summer in atlanta .

>> reporter: with two months of summer to go, the situation is only going to get itchier. for "today," nbc news atlanta .

>> two of the risk factors covered here. pregnancy --

>> beer drinker.

>> i don't know what blood type i am. i can't remember. it's in my wallet.

>> i don't remember. i can never remember what i am.

>> it's important to know.

>> it's in my wallet.

>> i get bit by a lot of mosquitos so maybe i'm type o .

>> bright colors, right?

>> you are quiet over there.

>> i don't know how to contribute. i know i'm pregnant. i know i like beer.

>> you can't fly right now.

>> mosquitos ask. frequent flier programs, you know how it goes.

>> jenna thinks she has nothing to contribute.