TODAY   |  July 27, 2013

Caught on camera: Man saves baby from awning

Eyewitness cell-phone video captures the rescue of a one-year-old girl from the top of a store awning in Brooklyn, N.Y. Family members think the tot crawled out of an apartment window, through a small space between the window frame and air conditioner.

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>>> finally this morning, a 1-year-old baby girl is safe and sound after a harrowing friday afternoon. the girl managed to crawl to a tiny space between the brooklyn apartment window and the air conditioner . she ended up on a store awning while her grandmother was in the kitchen. her neighbor saw the tot, raced to the awning, grabbed the little girl . she is safe and sound this morning. anyone who is pregnant, i'm throwing it out there, with a little girl , one more thing to worry about. stress out.

>> not that you are stressed about anything.

>> i'm totally carefree. it's an amazing story she is okay and decided to stay on the awning and not crawl anywhere else after that.