TODAY   |  July 27, 2013

As N. Korea celebrates, S. Korea calls for no nukes

While North Korea celebrated Saturday with a military parade to mark the 60th anniversary of the truce that ended fighting in the Korean War, South Korea called for its neighbor to abandon nuclear weapons. NBC’s Ian Williams reports.

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now to south korea where the 60th anniversary is being remembered. ian williams is live in seoul with that part of the story. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, lester. the scene here today couldn't be more different. none of that triumphantism. a solemn ceremony designed to honor those who war but to pay thanks to the 21 countries which defied south korea . also to thank the veterans here in the hundreds including many americans. now, the ceremony at the war memorial today was presided over by the president of south korea . for her, a bit of a wake up message as well warning people that technically the war is not over. the peace is uncertain appealing to the north to forego the nuclear weapons program in exchange for aid. she was listened to by many american veterans. many of them now in their 80s. don't forget there were some 37,000 americans who died in combat during this war, the war called the forgotten war . looking at this city and this country which changed almost beyond recognition since they were here. for many of them, indication of all they fought for. lester?

>> ian williams , thanks very much.