TODAY   |  July 27, 2013

Dying co-creator of ‘The Simpsons’ to donate fortune

Sam Simon, the co-creator of “The Simpsons” will be giving away as much money as he can to charities and organizations after being diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> months to live wanted to give away his vast fortune. jenna has more on that story now.

>> you may not know his name, but you know his work, sam simon created one of the longest running shows on television. now, he faces terminal cancer. "the simpson's" co-creator said the millions he gets in royalties should go to charity. for more than 23 years it's been a staple on american television . a run that's earned "the simpson's" co-creator royalties.

>> a lot of people give money away. very few give money in such a dramatic fashion in a compelling way.

>> diagnosed with late stage colon cancer , the 58-year-old simon has three to six months left to live. twice divorced with no children, he says in the time he has left, he plans to donate his money to several charities close to his heart.

>> he worked with financial advisers to set things up so the work he started doing before he died and he's doing now will continue after he's gone.

>> reporter: along with large donations to peta who named their headquarters after him, he started his own philanthropy dedicated to saving dogs from shelters.

>> he loves animals. he has specific ideas for what he wants to get done.

>> reporter: he doesn't know the end total.

>> it's considerable. in an ideal way, he wants the last check to bounce.

>> this is a chance for me to fulfill my lifelong dream.

>> leaving a lasting legacy in television and in real life . along with peta and other charities he donates to save the children and the sea shepherd conservation society which named one of the ships the